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Baracuda G4 and G3 Pool Cleaner

Updated on August 7, 2018
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Sherry has been writing about home, family, and pets since 2008. She enjoys retirement, traveling, reading, and crafts.

Baracuda Pool Cleaner Review

We bought our Baracuda G4 Pool Cleaner on ebay at a price better than several stores in our area. If you do the research you can get the best price available through ebay and still know what you are getting. Many of the higher priced items have Free Shipping. My method is check out the neighborhood stores get some info, check Amazon and last check eBay.

The reviews on Amazon are a good research tool of the product. I tend to be a little skeptical of the reviews. You have to get past the pros and the detractors and analyze the points that only talk about the product and the conditions that apply to your situation. Now you may say, well, look at all the poor reviews on the Barracuda G4 on Amazon. I will give the reasons why I went beyond the customer reviews and bought the Baracuda G4, anyway.

The Baracuda line of products is under Zodiac Pool Systems Canada, Inc. They produce several kinds of attractive automatic cleaners.

Review on G4 Zodiac

The following review is about a discontinued model. Many parts are interchangeable between the G4 and the G3. I would not have qualms about purchasing the G3 after my experience with the G4.

Baracuda G4 randomly covers pool surfaces including sides to keep your pool free of settling dirt and grime build up. Will pick up debris such as leaves and twigs. Our G4 runs quiet. The old Kreepy Krawley had a rather noticeable clicking noise that was even loader for a swimmer. I consider this a plus. Sometimes I want my short swim serene and relaxing without removing the hose and unit.

In the 2 years we have had this unit I have not seen it caught in a corner. Our Krauley would get caught in corners on our hanging thermometer and the drain at the bottom of the pool. We have only witnessed the operation under 3400 RPM speed and we have not seen it caught up on anything.

The Barracuda G4 operates with pumps that change to lower speeds. We have a new variable speed pump we want the in-ground pool cleaner to operate on. Changing the inlet valve directions down, helps the random operation of the cleaner.

The new variable speed pump with Sun Touch controls is up and working. The Barracuda works fine in the lower speeds. We have had it running 7 hours a day for two years at various speeds.

Use this review to judge if a Zodiac in-ground cleaner is for you.

Winter Pool Maintenance is Important

The cleaner has a manual that is included and a Warrenty card for 2 years of normal wear and factory defects. The included manual is fine for installing the unit but I have found on the Internet an even better .pdf with more illustrations and clearer and simpler explanations for the steps to install. I highly recommend the pdf.

The kit comes with a Pool Plus® meter that you use to aid in checking the flow of water going through the Zodiac G4 pool cleaner. A must for proper installation. There is a ladder guard that can be purchased separately for in-pool ladders and if your pool has heavy leaf debris a leaf gathering attachment is available.

We were able to get our Baracuda G4 operating with the basic kit. Following this research I found that two of our inlet valves were not turned downward. That was easy to fix. The package manual did not say MUST be turned downward, the pdf did. Maybe we will get more randomness.

Why Buy the Discontinued Model?

Many replacement parts are interchangeable between the G3 and G4.

The G3 is still available. While researching this review I found out the G4 cleaner my husband had me price research is no longer made. It is still supported by Zodiac on their official website. The G3 is still produced. The official site does not say why G4 is discontinued but I imagine to myself (and you) that with the launch of the X7 two mid-range models were no longer needed for marketing .

By what I can tell of the .pdf's of the G3 and G4 they are very similar only the housing is different. If you are looking for the mid-priced cleaner and are not comfortable with the G4 the G3 is a good buy. Do your price research on Amazon and look at eBay. If your pool system is airtight and the filter is cleaned regularly the cleaner should not give you trouble.

The G4 does work every good with the Pentair variable speed pump and Suntouch Control System.

Replaced the G4 with A G3

After 5 years of salt and sun the G4 housing and small parts started disintegrating. Winter 2016 we replaced it with the G3. Some parts we will save. We have a rather new foot and disk which are going into the pool shed for later, as well as a supply of diaphragms.

Zodiac Baracuda G3 W03000 Advanced Suction Side Automatic Pool Cleaner
Zodiac Baracuda G3 W03000 Advanced Suction Side Automatic Pool Cleaner

One feature that is different on the G3 is the disk. It does not have a split feature to navigate corners. There is a wheel which is attached to the base of the hose for keeping the unit in constant movement.

Having the new G3 in operation for a few months, we now see that it does stick in the corners where the bottom step meets the wall on the floor of the pool. The wheel that is designed to free it is higher than the step so it just stays lodged in the corner. We never saw that problem with the G4.


© 2010 Sherry Venegas

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