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Turning Your Bathroom into a Tranquil Retreat

Updated on June 20, 2016

A popular trend in bathroom remodeling today is to transform a dull and lifeless bathroom into a peaceful retreat. Enhance the appeal of your bathroom with a spacious and relaxing atmosphere.


Perhaps the first thing to consider in bathroom remodeling is the size of the space. To transform your bathroom into a comfortable retreat, you may need to consider having the room made larger by knocking out a wall. More space will allow for all the relaxing furnishings you will need to include in your bathroom sanctuary.


Color scheme is an important aspect of bathroom remodeling. It has been determined that specific colors and hues can have an effect on your mood. When remodeling a bathroom to create a relaxing retreat, many people choose calming colors such as greens or blues. A simple white bathroom with bold accents can also create a spacious, relaxing appeal. While subtle colors are generally associated with relaxation, deep jewel tones and bold shades are also an excellent way to create luxurious comfort in your bathroom.


Emerging hot trends in bathroom fixtures include separate showers and bathtubs, above-counter sinks, and furniture. Separate bathtubs and showers allow for versatility in design. Large bathtubs with special relaxation features are ideal choices to remodel your bathroom into a tranquil retreat. Above-counter sinks provide a striking artistic flair to a bathroom and are quickly becoming a popular bathroom remodeling fixture. These popular artistic sinks blend beautiful bold or natural colors with artistic materials and unique design to create a masterpiece in your bathroom.


Furnishings are becoming a hot trend in bathroom remodeling. In an effort to create a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere that caters to comfort, people are adding armoires, lounge chairs, vintage pieces, and even television and music. Decorative vintage furniture can add both artistic design and convenience to a bathroom.


Another design trend emerging in bathroom remodeling is the use of various materials to create an artistic and decorative appeal. Glass, stone, and wood are some of the materials used that can help create a natural, relaxing atmosphere in a bathroom. Glass tile is becoming a popular choice for bathrooms and is often even combined with porcelain tile to create a unique appeal that is both artistic and affordable. Other popular materials emerging in bathroom remodeling are china, stainless steel, and chrome.


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