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Bathroom Lighting Ideas for Your Home

Updated on March 7, 2013

Bathroom Lighting Designs

Have you ever thought about bathroom lighting ideas beyond flipping the switch?  I'm sure that you have, or you wouldn't be here.  There are some important interior design principles to keep in mind when the time comes to light your bathroom.  Have you ever considered anything more than the typical recessed lighting that the majority of people have in their bathrooms?  If not, then the time might be right to open up your imagination and consider new possibilities for your bathroom

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These are some of the most popular bathroom lighting fixtures selling on today.

Kenroy Home 80414BS Legacy 4-Light Vanity with 6-Inch Fluted Glass Shades

Kichler Lighting 6162NI Structures Wall-Mount 2-Light Halogen Bath Light with Glass Shades, Brushed Nickel

Hardware House 543769 Berkshire 14-1/2-Inch by 10-Inch Ceiling Light Fixture, Classic Bronze

World Imports Lighting 9007-88 Luray 1-Light Semi-Flush Light Fixture, Oil Rubbed Bronze

Westinghouse Lighting 6649700 Three-Light Interior Wall Fixture, Brushed Nickel Finish with White Opal Glass

Nuvo 60/321 Ballerina 3-Light 24-Inch Vanity Light with Alabaster Glass Shades, Brushed Nickel

Indoor Lighting Considerations

Light does more than just help you to see

Natural and artificial interior lighting can function as the main source for illumination in an interior. The sunlight coming in the window suggests the arrival of daytime. The large pendant light in the bedroom makes it possible for the occupants to see their surroundings at night. Aside from shouldering these colossal tasks, interior lighting is also a major element that affects the ambiance of the space. It can make people alert and focused in highly crucial situations and it can also give them a feeling of calm and serenity when you need to engage in mellow and undemanding activities. In all areas of the house, lighting can largely improve the functionality and appearance of each space. In the case of the bathroom, proper lighting should be planned and the right choices in bathroom lighting fixtures should be carefully selected to make the area functional and aesthetically pleasing.

More Bathroom Lighting Fixtures and Ideas

When to Make Major Changes to Bathroom Lighting Schemes

Bathroom lighting should be considered by the owner when he is having his bathroom constructed or redecorated. The installation of cove lighting in the ceilings can greatly affect the mood of the bathroom that you want to convey and the interesting design can inspire you to take it to the next level and have the walls and floors well-designed too. The entire bathroom should have sufficient lighting so that you could navigate through each of the spaces effortlessly.. The designs of the fixtures do not have to be elaborate, especially if the bathroom is small.  Simple drop lights and coved fluorescent lights can make your bathroom more pleasant and inviting. For larger bathrooms, one fancy pendant light with cove lighting in the walls and ceilings can quickly make your bathroom a place of relaxation and rejuvenation, not to mention stylish and up-to-date.

LED Light Bulb, 900 Lumen, Warm White, 9 Watt (65W Replacement) by G7 Power
Redecorating through the aid of bathroom lighting is an inexpensive way to make the space grander and more comfortable. All you need to buy are ordinary yet durable bulbs and you can either find covers and shades from discount and vintage stores or you can create your own so that you can save money and at the same time personalize your space. If you want to invest in quality bathroom lighting then you might want to consider LED lights because this type of lighting produces a warmer and more regulated illumination that spreads out evenly and will not glare on one specific surface. They are a bit expensive at the moment but they are very durable and they last a long time so the money that you’ll spend can be justified in the end.

Modern Interior Design Ideas and Your Bathroom

It is important to invest your mind and effort in proper bathroom lighting. You will use your bathroom several times a day and everyday for a long time so you need to make it the most comfortable and the most people-oriented designed bathroom that you can use and enjoy. A modern interior design for your bathroom, just like in other areas of your home, reflects you and the things that you deem significant in your life so it is absolutely necessary to treat the designing process as a way to listen to your needs as a person and answer them in the best possible way you can manage.

Lighting Ideas for the Bathroom

Bathroom Lighting Ideas from eBay

Some people are hesitant to buy from eBay, but I'm here to tell you that you can pick up some very nice deals on almost anything you could possibly be looking for, including home lighting needs. I used to sell a lot of things on eBay. I mostly focused on older collectibles, but I also sold quite a few items that were either very gently used, or in new condition. Some people buy things for their home and never actually use them. Have you ever done that? When these folks decide to clean out their garage or an extra room, they usually list their items at prices that are meant to get things moved out (sort of like a garage sale). When you find these items listed for really low prices, take a minute to check out the sellers feedback. It if is good enough to meet your standards (I usually look for at least 95 of 100), consider taking a shot by bidding. You could end up with some amazing deals for your home.

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