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Bathrooms of the future

Updated on April 26, 2017

From a cluttered design to a functional clean bathroom

This hub will show you what is possible with today's bathrooms. It will go from an average bathroom to a dream bathroom of the future.

When you are done reading this hub, you will have gone through the different steps to make your bathroom ready for the next 20 years.

Average family bathroom
Average family bathroom

The average bathroom

The typical bathroom contains all the essentials you need. A bath or a shower, a sink and some storage room. The toilet can be included or in a separate area.

To go from an average bathroom to the bathroom of the future, we need to adjust a couple of things:

  • The walls and ceiling

    Boring white is no longer sufficient to impress

  • The furniture

    A simple cabinet and a closet is all you need, however, you can save a lot of space and gain a lot of comfort to rethink the design of that 1 closet and cabinet.

  • Technology

    Technology evolves every day, your bathroom needs to evolve with it

Gather ideas from everywhere

Design Ideas for Bathrooms (2nd edition) (Home Decorating)
Design Ideas for Bathrooms (2nd edition) (Home Decorating)

This book will give you modern ideas to incorporate in your bathroom.


The walls and ceiling of your bathroom

Colors are important, also in your bathroom

In the past, people would paint the bathroom walls white or beige. A bathroom usually has a small surface and making the walls light will make the room seem larger than it is. This is comon sense, and even with the future bathroom you shouldn't use dark colors in small rooms.

But there is no reason to not use colors at all!

You can start off with some bright colors like lime or pink.

For most people, these colors will seem bright and flashy, but you can limit them to 1 wall, giving a totally different look.

There are plenty more colors to pick.

The furniture in your bathroom

In the past, people bought white closets, a white bath and a white sink, that's pretty boring.

You can do a lot more with your bathroom furniture.

If you want to have special closets, make sure you keep your walls simple, if not you'll end up with a christmas tree.

It's really difficult to combine a lot of different colors and still make it work. Below is a design that makes it happen though.

Basically, keeping the wall simple and having color accents in your closets is the right way to go. Here are some examples.

Functionality in your furniture is the second thing you need to pay attention to.

Below is a sink and closet that takes very little space, but hides your toothbrushes and other items that make a bathroom look cluttered.

If you combine different things, you can make the bathroom stick more together.

Below is an example of a very modern design in sink and bath, combined with shelves.

People will be amazed when you rethink average things and make it into something new. Check out these examples.

Enhance your bathroom with technology

Technology in your bathroom can go from a simple shower with radio to a full blown enhanced bathroom.

Here I am giving an example of what can be, not what should be.

The first enhancement people usually do to the bathroom is investing in a bath with jets and massage program.

The picture also shows that you can have communication devices close to the bath and a remote to control the music and lights.

The shower has many enhancement options. Fairly cheap but with great increase in comfort is the repalcement of shower heads. Rain shows for soft and relaxing showers, or showser that include water streams not only from above but also from the side.

The biggest technological advancement can be made at your sink, and with your mirror.

Displaying current information, entertainment and many more

If you aren't plannign on doing a complete bathroom remodeling, you can do step-by-step changes. Here are some accessories you can implement in your bathroom with little work, but great comfort impact.

Would you like a more modern bathroom - And what would you change ?

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    • Charito1962 profile image

      Charito Maranan-Montecillo 

      4 years ago from Manila, Philippines

      I'd love to use one of these bathrooms you featured!

    • MamaBelle profile image

      Francis Luxford 

      7 years ago from United Kingdom

      Really cool designs. I enjoyed looking through this lens.

    • MamaBelle profile image

      Francis Luxford 

      7 years ago from United Kingdom

      Really cool designs. I enjoyed looking through this lens.

    • GuyB LM profile image

      GuyB LM 

      8 years ago

      Unbelievable stuff! Normally the only color I see in the bathroom is inside the toilet. I love these different wall colors and themes. Amazing

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      A lot of great information. Thank you.

    • GardenArbor profile image


      8 years ago

      Great Lens. Love the technological bathroom!

    • PRam1 profile image


      8 years ago

      Very informative bathroom remodeling guide and well laid out too. Well done!


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