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Modern Style Bathroom Towel Bars

Updated on June 1, 2015

Why buy new bathroom towel bars? They are a quick and easy bathroom update. And they can be used to coordinate with other bathroom fixtures such as towel rings and wall-mounted accessories. A modern bath towel bar is stylish in function and design. The newest versions feature color, shape and elegant finishes.

Towel Bar Finishes

Beautiful bathroom towel bar finishes are: black, brass, antique, oil rub bronze and copper. Also, polished nickel, brushed chrome, gold and natural iron finishes add luxury elegance to a bathroom décor. Decorative towel bar styles include: Art Déco, contemporary, rustic lodge and Old World. They are available by collection, trendy design, decorative colors and finishes.

Bathroom Towel Bars

Decorative towel bar styles are a quality upgrade for your bathroom. A wall-mounted swivel arm, 3-tier towel holder and free-standing towel rack are beautiful, flexible and functional accents. Other practical and stylish towel bars and racks include: a wall-mounted basket, a glass shelf, wall-mounted double rack and an elegant bathroom butler. Related bathroom accents include: towel rings and racks. They are sold separately or as an accessory set.

Attractive, modern towel bars have excellent qualities that appeal to your taste and bath décor. Different towel bar options help to enhance a sleek, contemporary or simple bathroom design. Stainless steel, single or double rail are modern towel bar styles. There are also towel bars made of brass, wall-mounted and designer brands such as Moen and Delta. Beautiful, sturdy bath towel bars are functional accents. They easily complement an inspiring, high end look.

The best towel bars coordinate with your bathroom scheme. This includes towel bar finishes or materials, shape and design. The number of bars, brand, width and type are options to consider when choosing modern bathroom towel bars.The newest in decorative towel bars are affordable. Their prices range from under $99 to $500 and above. They keep towels dry and off the floor. And they unify a stylish bath space when coordinated with a toilet paper holder, soap dispenser, soap dish and metal shower shelving. Designer quality towel bar features are: sliding rails, contemporary style, Plexiglas and polished chrome materials.

Towel Racks

The best luxury towel racks are gorgeous, have tasteful design and add a touch of elegance to your bath décor. Duel-style towel racks are a decorative accent of high end style. A designer collection of towel racks and accessories are great bath décor coordinates. Towel bars come in your favorite brands such as Gedy, Pfister and Kohler.

Decorative towel bars are available in metal, platinum, chrome, stainless steel, gold and silver materials. There are quality bath towel bars for modern and traditional styles. A polished, contemporary bath towel bar gives your bathroom a special, long-lasting touch of elegance.



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    • EABarnes profile image

      EABarnes 2 years ago

      Thanks, I'll check out your metals-related hubs.

    • jbosh1972 profile image

      Jason 2 years ago from Indianapolis, IN. USA

      I make metal art. I could easily get into making my own abstract and contemporary towel bars. Check out my hubs regarding my craft in metals.