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Battery Maintenance Keeping Record

Updated on October 17, 2010

Cleaning Equipment Battery Maintenance Record Keeping.

Cleaning Equipment Battery Maintenance Record Keeping.

Unless you have a gel battery (Worry Free/ Check Free), you need to check your equipment battery water level at least once a week.

Manufacturers of cleaning equipment recommends that every time you use your battery operated machines, you should check your battery water level and condition of your battery.

How much water do I need to fill it up to in the battery?

Too view a picture of water level. Visit this site at:

Do not fill over the water line. During the charge, water is bowling. If you put too much water, it will leak out to the top and damage the terminal or more.

You must use only distilled water for refill- you can not use any other types. You can not use filtered water from the fountain or bottled drinking water either. It must be only distilled water.

Note: When you check battery, you should use safety gargle, wear acid protective gloves, and remove all jewelries.

Use flashlight to check accurately the water level and fill it to the right level.  Use proper tool to fill the water such as battery water filler.

For free batter maintenance record keeping chart on Microsoft Excel sheet, please email to:

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