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Bed Sheets

Updated on December 3, 2010

There is nothing like laxing out on your abode (bed) after a long day. And knowing that there is clean linin and bed sheets that will be there, after a hot shower, nice dinner and simply relax out on your bed and watch a DVD movie or listen to a little music or read your favorite novel. But there's nothing like jumping into a cosy clean bed .


To keep your bed sheets as clean and free of dust and bed mites than this article will touch on how you can keep your bed sheets smelling fresh and clean every time.But there are a few things you need to know before hand.The first thing you will need to know is the type of sheets or linen you have.To do this simply check on the label of your bed sheets, according to the manufactures requirements in terms of how should they be washed, weather hot or cold water should be used, type of laundry powder to use etc....

Expensive Sheets

This is especially for expensive cotton and silk sheets, one must check specifications. But the majority of sheets can be machine washed so there shouldn't be a problem unless your sheets come from a high rise motel in Los Vagas. But if they are expensive sheets then you will need to follow the manufactures instructions especially for silk and fine cotton sheets.OK let's get down to business, hopefully your washing machine has water temperature settings, for most sheets set the temperature on the hottest setting as most cotton made sheets will be OK opposed to polyester which needs to be washed in medium hot to warm water.

Cleaning Sheets with Hot Water

The theory behind using hot water is that it will kill the majority of germs and dust mites that lurk amongst your bedding. For normal sheets just set your machine to hot  and fire away this should take care of those nasty microscopic aliens.To keep up with preventing dust mites from forming and to just plain keep those sheets in a clean condition, then cleaning your linen and sheets once a week is recommended. some may neglect to clean their sheets on a regular basis, but if you think of it this way... we spend more time in our beds then we do in our clothes so if we can find the time to keep our clothes clean than extra diligence also should be taken to keep your sheets clean as well.

Organizing Your Sheets

Make sure to separate your colors first never put darker colors with lights other wise you will find your lite colored sheets will be stained. Another thing is to only wash sheets together never wash them with other items such as shirts, jeans, make sure all your clothing and sheets are all in their respective piles.Choose a fabric powder that is specifically made for washing linen and bed sheets this washing powder can be used just for bedding. Once you have washed your sheets, always try to naturally dry them outside instead of in a clothes dryer as the sun is a natural disinfectant and will also brighten your whites. Try and dry them outside as often as you can, if for reason  that may prevent this such as weather and you need to use a tumble dryer then ad a fabric softener to the load before putting it in the dryer. Do this on a regular basis and your bed sheets will be a welcome sight for the tired person wanting a good nights sleep. 


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