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Purple Bedding Sets

Updated on October 4, 2013

Purple Bedding Sets

Is purple your favorite color? Is it time to redecorate your bedroom? Purple bedding sets are available in sizes to fit all beds and come with blankets that are soft and warm. A great comforter can not only transform the look of a room, but it can help you sleep well. For me, having a beautiful bedroom can actually improve the quality of my sleep.

Featured below are the best purple bedding sets available to give your room a comfortable feeling with purple bedding sets that invite you into a warm comfortable bed. Check out all the different colors and styles available, and even look for great deals on bedding from eBay.

Featured Image: 7 PC Modern Purple, Black and Silver Chenille Comforter Set / Bed in a Bag

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Popular Purple Bedding Sets - This one is the most popular seller of the year

The ruffled details on this purple bedding set are the star of the show. Also, you can order this set in bright pink if you know someone who would love it in a different color choice.

Lush Decor 4-Piece Starlet Comforter Set, Purple, Full
Lush Decor 4-Piece Starlet Comforter Set, Purple, Full

This set includes the comforter, bed skirt, and two shams. With shams this decorative, you don't need a pile of accent pillows to make your bedroom shine. They have enough pop and personality on their own and covering them up would be a shame!


Youthful Florals

Buying a duvet is a great way to leave yourself options for the future. This purple bedding set comes with a white comforter and a purple duvet cover. This means that, if you ever want to change the look of your room, you already have a basic comforter and you can just buy an inexpensive duvet cover to change your comforter.

Exotic Purple/ Violet Duvet Comforter 9 Pc Set / Queen
Exotic Purple/ Violet Duvet Comforter 9 Pc Set / Queen

This decorative purple bedding set includes a double-sided duvet with a white comforter, 2 shams, 1 bedskirt, and 3 decoratives pillow to finish the look. Pair it with a simple set of sheets and you have your bedroom completely done.


Wild Zebra Prints

Zebra print is one of the most common designs for purple bedding sets, and it is exotic and fun. This eight-piece set will have everything you need to pring a bold look to your bed.

More Purple Bedding Sets on Amazon

There are great purple bedding sets available for all age groups, from basic purple that can go in any room to bright stripes that might be perfect for a teen. Start with a great comforter when you are designing a bedroom, like one of these.

Matching Sheet Sets - Complete the look of your bedroom with the perfect sheets.

Many of the purple bedding sets you've just looked at come with accessories, but not sheets. This gives you the opportunity to buy sheets in your favorite material. Do you like microfiber, satin, or Egyptian cotton? Check out these options for silky soft sheets that will work with a variety of purple comforters.

There Are More Great Deals Below

Get low prices on the best deals from Amazon and eBay below

eBay has Purple Bedding Sets - Get A Great Deal By Bidding In These Auctions

You can find tons of great options for new, purple bedding sets by checking out eBay. You will find the same options you can see in most large stores, but you may also stumble across some fun sets that you wouldn't normally see. Check out these current listings for a few ideas.

Purple Bedding Sets Amazon Search - Find Great Deals and Low Prices on Amazon

Reader Reviews and Comments - What do you think of these purple bedding sets?

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    • profile image

      ChristyZ 4 years ago

      My girls love the color purple, so many cute bedding sets to choose from!