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Beekeeping starter kit

Updated on January 10, 2013

In search of a Beekeeping starter kit

A beekeeping starter kit includes the supplies any beekeeper needs. In this blog we will take a look at the various beekeeping starter kits available, what they contain and where to get them. If you are starting your beekeeping career or looking for various tools, including books that you might need, this blog will be for you.

Enjoy and remember to comment!

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A few words!

Before moving on to selecting your very own beekeeping starter kit

Keeping bees is a responsibility similar to that of children. Okay, maybe bees can take care of themselves, but you put them into a manmade beehive (in most cases) which is made from materials that might not be natural at all. Take care of your bees! A direct translation from the german word for beekeeper would be a »bee father«. If you are looking into the beekeeping starter kit you most likely already are or soon will become a bee father. Congratulations on your baby and let us move to the subject at hand!

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What is a beekeeping starter kit?

You might be surprised!

A beekeeping starter kit is a selection of items, tools used by beekeepers for safe, efficient beekeeping. When i was beginning my path into beekeeping i had no clue what i needed at all! It takes time and a couple of seasons to be a decent beekeeper and the first one is the most intense or even scarry if you are going into the unknown. But remember, we all went through all of the stages, we learned and grew from our experiences and mistakes.

A beekeeping starter kit is a great way to attain all the equipment you might need.

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What does a beekeeping starter kit contain

A beginner beekeeping kit shoul be friendly to bees as well as the beekeeper.

The first thing you need to know is what you want (with that i mean quality, materials used price range)! But i will asure you, no starter kit includes bees, so you will need to get those at your friendly beekeeper next door.

The items listed below are all great to have. But the basics are the beehive, bees, a book and some protective gear. You can make or buy other things when you need them, although having everything at hand might also be, well handy.

The items required for beekeeping are:

- A beehive

- A feeder

- Protective gear, especially gloves and veil (a brides veil is usually insufficient, might also look quite silly!), you might also like a suit. I also suggest not using flip-flops when beekeeping.

- Beeswax to help the bees make their cells

- A smoker (to smoke the bees), if you decide to use it and a tool to move things around with

- A decent beekeeping book

- Various other small bits and pieces, explained below!

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Beekeeping starter kit - This is a common starter kit

This beekeeping kit is one of the most common ones!

It enjoys a decent mix of everything you might need and is quite affordable (especially when compared to my selection of a custom set!)

- A beehive (modular so can be expanded)

- A feeder

- Protective veil and gloves

- A beekeeper tool

- A smoker

- A beekeeping book

This kit is quite cheap for the items listed and has the things you might need.

Beekeeping starter kit number two - I like the design on this one

This begginer beekeeping kit includes the items from before:

- Beehive

- Beekeeper protective gear

- A book

- Beekeeping tool

- A beekeeping smoker

For me this set is a mix of quality and price. Not bad at all.

My custom selection - This is my take on the beekeeping starter kit

This is what i would get for a starter kit.

- A natural (especially a naturally painted beehive)beehive

- Protective gear

- A feeder (for feeding the bees during they off time- winter)

- A book

- Natural beeswax

I would go from here!

A smaller kit - Behive only

This kit features a natural beehive.

My opinion is, that this is a decorative beehive. It contains a glass window for you to inspect your busy bees.

This kit is great for decoration.

A video on setting up a beehive - This might be you in a couple of days!

Search for beekeeping equipment online - Try here!

A kind farewell to a fellow beekeeper

I hope i could help you find a beekeeping starter kit of your dreams

I wish you all the best and healthy bees in the future!

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    • vegetablegardenh profile image

      vegetablegardenh 5 years ago

      Good resource on beekeeping starter kits!