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Being Prepared For a Power Outage

Updated on October 23, 2013

Will you be ready if you lose Power?

Recent storms have left my area devastated and incredible amounts of homes and businesses for days and even weeks without power.

Maybe you have heard of this storm which started out as the "Frankenstorm", named because it was due to hit just before Halloween.. She then became "Sandy" the Hurricane that hit relentlessly in the North East. On top of that the third storm named "Athena" then hit...

More recent, the Blizzard named NEMO!!!!! Many were put into darkness once again.

With that said, our experience with loss of power can help you to be prepared in case you lose power in your home in the future.

Advice Here for Power Outage

There are so many things to think about if you lose your power for more than perhaps a day... We lost ours for more than a week and never considered it would happen.

If you need to be able to keep your food from spoiling, you need a cooler and have to keep replacing the ice. This is if you do not have a generator to power your fridge. You need to have non perishable food items as well. Make sure you have a manual can opener for cans on hand.

If you do have a fridge up and running, you can cook outside on the BBQ! Remember to keep your propane tanks filled and maybe have a spare at all times.

You can boil water and cook with pots on a BBQ, Having aluminum foil on hand is a valuable thing as well. You can cook so many things in your bbq with aluminum foil. You can bake food inside foil packets, fry in pans, etc even if there is no side burner. You just need to be creative!

Remember to be very careful with everything you do. Using generators is extremely dangerous if not done correctly. They need to be at least 25 feet away from the home, and NOT inside the garage or home AT ALL. They can kill by carbon monoxide poisoning.

Burning candles as well, which I speak about in the candle section.

Some First Simple Necessities if you lose power

We always think, nah, this won't happen to us, but we can't keep thinking this way! A few small things can even help you get through if you lose power.

Having batteries and flashlights is a definite need in your home. If your lights go out and it's night or a gloomy day you won't be able to see much at all inside.

Here are some great flashlight choices for you in case you should lose the power. You don't want to start moving around in the darkness and risk being hurt in the process. So many people are rushed to the hospital due to this in wake of the outages.

Dorcy 41-2510 Floating Waterproof LED Flashlight with Carabineer Clip, 55-Lumens, Yellow
Dorcy 41-2510 Floating Waterproof LED Flashlight with Carabineer Clip, 55-Lumens, Yellow

A waterproof flashlight is a really good choice. Especially if there is flooding involved.


Please always stock up on fresh batteries! Without them all of the battery operated equiptment we have will be useless in a power outage. Be sure to check that they are fresh from time to time to be on the safe side.

KEEP in TOUCH During a Power Outage

You need to know what's going on around you. Your radio very well may be the only source of communication at this point.

A portable radio is key, keep stocked with fresh batteries. This is the one we had on hand during the big power outage from Sandy the terrible storm in 2012. it was very valuable, especially during the dark and quiet hours of the night.

Choose A Power Pack for Power Loss

If you keep your portable power pack charged you can readily power small lights, radios and even charge cell phones if needed. You can recharge the power packs in your car so you do not need to have electricity to recharge them!

Candles to Support Your Power Loss - Careful!

Candles are also a first thought when we lose power. One thing we need to keep in mind is safety first!

A power outage is already going to be a hardship to begin with, and no one wants to have it become a tragedy as well.

Make sure when you are burning candles for light you are using safety first. Burn your candles on a surface that is fireproof, such as a glass candle holder. I typically place mine on the stovetop. Another place is a fireplace hearth.

If you have some battery operated candles those would be great to use as well.

Be Creative During Power Loss

When we lose power we need to be creative. Batteries start dying quickly.

This is a tip that we used during our power loss. Bring in your led solar powered lights to bring in some light! They work pretty well in bunches in small rooms such as the bathroom, and stay on most of the night.

Put them in the hallways to light the way so you don't trip if you forget your flashlight!

Dual Use Power

Lantern Power for Outages

If you are a camper, or even not, these lanterns are a terrific source of light in your home when you lose power.

Since we have always been campers, we had them on hand. You don't have to be an active camper to keep one or two of these in your home just in case the power goes out. They are relatively inexpensive and produce plenty of light!

During the power outage of the October-November storm ~SANDY~ we were without lights for an entire week. Without these fantastic lanterns shown here we would be in the dark at night because we had to turn out generators off. We did that for respect of our neighbors of course, who really wants to hear that draining noise of the generators going all night long unless you really neede to? It wasn't that cold so it was ok, no heaters neded thankfully!

Generators for Power Loss - The Big Guns

Now this is the one saving grace for most people during a power outage. Very lucky for us to have one, if you can have one in your home for the future it is the perfect way to keep a lot of your most important electrical appliances up and running.

There are a lot of different sizes to choose from, if you want something small just to get you by, or a very large one to get your whole house going.

This is the one that we used, which is an older model. I seems like this brand works very well and lasts.

Generators for times of power loss

Eventually, I think we will upgrade to a larger model of generator. The one we have above is a 1500 watt, but it did a fine job nonetheless. If we were to lose power for a length of time again, I would rather have something a little larger, perhaps to be able to run the heat and hot water, plus most of the other equipment we would need on a daily basis.

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    • profile image

      reasonablerobby 4 years ago

      Great ideas we just has bad storms in the UK

    • profile image

      RuralFloridaLiving 4 years ago

      Really interesting to hear your personal thoughts on this. Thanks for sharing.

    • ecogranny profile image

      Kathryn Grace 5 years ago from San Francisco

      Thank you for sharing your experience and using it in such a positive way. We were gifted with a flashlight that has a rechargeable battery--by shaking it! So we know as long as we can move our wrists, we will always have a little light in an emergency. : )

    • goldenrulecomics profile image

      goldenrulecomics 5 years ago

      Lots of good advice here!

    • MBurgess profile image

      Maria Burgess 5 years ago from Las Vegas, Nevada

      Good ideas here and great tips! I really am cautious when using candles. Not only can they be a fire hazard you have to be careful with the fumes. Battery powered lighting and your solar lights are probably the best ones to keep for emergencies! Nice lens!

    • profile image

      RuralFloridaLiving 5 years ago

      Great suggestions - I especially like the camp lanterns - they work much better than candles for lighting and are much safer.

    • lesliesinclair profile image

      lesliesinclair 5 years ago

      Super helpful ideas we need to remember.

    • BuckHawkcenter profile image

      BuckHawkcenter 5 years ago

      Power outages are definitely no fun, but you have given us lots to be prepared. Thanks for the advice and help!