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Benefits of Installing a Range Hood in your Kitchen

Updated on July 19, 2014

The problem we all face...

When cooking, there are plenty of pollutants such as steam, grease particles, odors and even smoke that arise from the cooking surface and can spread not just in your kitchen, but the entire home damaging furniture and harming your health.

Gas cooktops especially, add carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide to the atmosphere and grill tops a lot of greasy smoke. In addition to the cooktop, the odors from your trashcan and moisture from the dishwasher are all added up to create an unpleasant home environment.

Swipe Speed Control!
Swipe Speed Control!

How are Range Hoods a solution to this problem?

Range Hoods help by either purifying air through their charcoal filters in case of recirculating installations, or they suck and expel air through ducts if it’s a ducted installation.

Greasy, hot and moist stream that’s produced when cooking is directly extracted outside rather than coming up on your face. Anyone who cooks a lot will be able to tell you the difference between cooking with a range hood on and when there isn’t a range hood installed.

Other benefits of having a Range Hood Installed

Since we’re talking about Range Hoods, let’s just take a look at some of the other many benefits that you’d receive if you got yourself one:

  • Lighting: Most range hoods have sockets for bulbs (LED or Halogen mostly) and hence can be used to increase the illumination of the cooking surface. Therefore, when shopping or the best range hood for your kitchen, make sure that you have lighting as one of the features you need.
  • Saves Furniture and Kitchen Cabinets: Excess moisture and Grease usually settles on furniture and cabinets in your kitchen. If you’ve got good air circulation in your home (Which most of us do have), then there’s a high chance that these grease particles could settle on the expensive furniture in your living room as well.
  • Smart Range Hoods: Today, there are plenty of range hoods that have an auto shut-down system. That is, they operate for like 5 – 10 minutes after you’re done cooking just to get rid of the last odors and fumes in the room and then automatically shut off. This is a great feature for homes that have people suffering from asthma and any other respiratory problems.

Freedom to Cook anything and everything you love!

For those of us that love to cook the only thing holding us back are the fumes and strong odors of most dishes. Having the perfect kitchen ventilation system allows us to be free and experiment with just about any dish.

Be it curries, sardines, caviar, natto or any other dishes that require pungent spices, they all become more appealing when we’ve got nothing to worry about. If you love roasted salmon with garlic, you’d probably say “no way” because of the strong odors that last hours and at times even days (if you’re all locked up due to the cold). However, with a powerful range hood, this isn’t a challenge at all.

Functionality and Style – All in one

Just because a Range hood has a plethora of functions doesn’t mean it won’t look good. You should check out some of the finest golden vantage range hoods, they’re slightly on the higher budget end when compared to Broan Nutone, but they’re the finest combination of elegance, power and functionality you can find online.

You could even try out the Eureka under Cabinet Range Hood which has a copper colored finish within an affordable price. The options are limitless as long as you know where to look and what functions you require.

A closer look into the market will reveal hundreds of designer style range hoods to suit your unique sense of taste. Italian masterpieces with curved glass hoods, wooden trims, non-welded joints and a lot more.

The Eureka Copper Finish Hood
The Eureka Copper Finish Hood | Source

Picking a Range Hood for your Kitchen

As we’ve seen, there are plenty of reasons as to why you should install a range hood in your kitchen. Convincing yourself that you need a range hood isn’t the hard part, actually sitting down and picking one for your kitchen can be a bit of a challenge due to the choices available.

Broan has some really good range hoods for well below $100, one or two of them even under $50. Don’t let the price fool you though; these are some of the finest under cabinet range hoods for small kitchen needs.

Most of the island and wall mount range hoods would hover anywhere between the $250 - $500 price-range. There are others that are priced from $1000 - $5000 (Designer Range Hoods). You don’t really need to spend this much unless you want your kitchen to be totally unique. Personally I’d say buy nothing more than $500 in terms of a range hood because you’re receiving all the functionality you require in addition to style from many popular brands: Broan, Golden Vantage, Akdy, Zephyr, Z-Line to name a few.

Keep all costs in mind

You could take a look at some of the best range hood reviews to help you pick one for your kitchen. But, when setting your budget make sure you keep installation and shipping costs in mind too. Installation can be done yourself, but if you aren’t confident you may need to hire a contractor to get it done. Say at the most 2 – 3 hours of labor (You know the rates in your area best).

Don't forget about tomorrow

Another issue that most people tend to forget about when purchasing a range hood or any other appliance is maintenance. Not all brands offer good after sale service and parts aren’t readily available. Therefore, when selecting your brand make sure that they offer replacement parts. Service you can always hire someone, but parts can’t be found.


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