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Benefits of Espresso

Updated on January 4, 2013


"Espresso", when I hear this word (or read it) my mouth waters, I absolutely love the stuff! The smell, the different espressso drinks and oh yea, the caffeine buzz. All of that is nice, but, did you know there are many health benefits that drinking espresso offers? This is really awesome, because now you know drinking espresso is good for you and also now you have a defense for people that criticize your little espresso "addiction". I mean what reason is better than, “It’s good for you!”

So let’s look at some of the benefits of drinking espresso. Take notes people!

Reduces the Risk of Colon Cancer
Yes, it’s true, espresso reduces the risk of colon cancer, as does coffee, but espresso does a better job. Let me explain, you see coffee beans are packed with antioxidants which are great for destroying free radicals and boosting the immune system. With coffee, the beans are simply brewed. This does provide some of the benefits of the antioxidant properties of coffee; however, the technique to make espresso is much better. This is because hot steam is forced through espresso beans thus picking up more of those wonderful antioxidants as it passes through and delivering them to your espresso drink.

Helps Prevent Parkinson’s Disease
This is a known fact, espresso helps prevent Parkinson’s disease. Why? Well that seems to be a mystery, but it’s also a known fact that espresso and coffee have a pretty profound impact on the brain. So maybe that is the connection.

Boosts Mental Performance Tremendously
This is probably one of my favorites and also one of the reasons why I can’t go one single morning without my cup of espresso. I have to have it! It powers my thinking cap, boosts creativity and makes me want to work. And if you think about it, maybe big corporations are aware of this too as all office break rooms seem to have a coffee pot brewing up some coffee for the team.

It’s a Cheap Way to Have a Good Time!
Yes, you read that right! This is especially handy if you are in the dating game (ugh!). Don’t blow money on dinner after dinner or commit to a dinner where you have to potentially sit through 2 hours of boredom, just take those first dates out for a coffee and save yourself some cash and time! And even if you have a steady mate, a sunny afternoon, sitting outside having a coffee, iced or hot, is a great way to spend the day.

Ready to Make Your Espresso Drinks the EASY Way?
Okay, so, you have admitted it, you are an espresso junky just like me. Now, wouldn’t it be awesome to make the very best espresso drinks in the comfort of your own home? I’ll answer for you, “Yes, of course it would!” Well let me tell you about two top selling espresso machines that are absolutely, insanely awesome espresso machines.

The Breville BES900XL
This bad boy is, well, a “bad boy” in the world of espresso machines. It’s commercial grade but still compact enough to fit in the kitchen at the house. Just a few of the pluses are the digital controller for shot volume, shot temperature and one of my favorites, the automated cleaning function. This is a top rated machine by customers online for a good reason!

The Jura ENA Micro 9 One Touch
This is just ridiculous! This is the daddy of all espresso machines and for the true espresso fanatic and connoisseur. It makes not just “an espresso” or “a coffee” at the touch of a button, but it makes macchiato and cappuccino beverages at the touch of the button. It grinds your coffee beans AND it is smart enough to recognize already ground coffee, has adjustable coffee strength options, offers micro brewing technology, and is extremely compact. This baby does it all and although it costs a bit, it’s worth taking a look at since it is such a piece of espresso machine art! This machine is also top-rated.

Have fun and drink up!

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