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The Best Bench Vises for Your Workshop in 2014

Updated on January 31, 2015

Affordable Bench Vises - Get a Grip on Your Next Home Improvement Project

Every workshop needs a bench vise (preferably one that is top rated), so here we have highlighted a few options that are high quality products that you can choose from. In general, it takes quality tools to get the job done right (sure you could go with the cheapest, but they are often plagued with problems). With constant other distractions and limitless options available for your home improvement project, it would be best to have a tool to help you so that there's one less thing to worry about.

First off, a bench vise is a tool used for holding or clamping down pieces used for work. These tools help keep an object in the place and position it so that you can free up your hands to grab other tools. If you need a bench vise and haven't found one yet, here is a list of you might find helpful.

Stanley MaxSteel Multi-Angle Vise (Model# 83-069) - Affordable and flexible in adjusting to multiple angles

For a bench vise under $50, this multi-angle tool by Stanley MaxSteel is probably one of the most versatile available in the market today. One very useful feature is that it can lock in to infinite positions with the swivel-ball design.

Stanley 83-069M Maxsteel Multi-Angle Base Vise
Stanley 83-069M Maxsteel Multi-Angle Base Vise

The MaxSteel vise can easily attach itself to almost any type of work surfaces through the use of its screw clamp. The removable jaw pads also protect your work surface from any damage that may come from the grips. Because it wasn't built to be a complete bench vise, it isn't quite as heavy duty. Despite that small downside, its versatility and the fact that it's the most lightweight grip around add so much to the value you get when purchasing this product.

With an average of 4 stars from Amazon, the Stanley MaxSteel is a great addition to any garage or tool set and is praised for the convenience of being able to hold things at any angle.


Olympia Tools 5" Mechanic's Bench Vise (Model# 38-615)

The Olympia Tools Mechanic's Bench Vise is a heavyweight in the market. It is made of malleable steel so it weights quite a bit.

Olympia Tools 38-614 4" Mechanic'S Bench Vise
Olympia Tools 38-614 4" Mechanic'S Bench Vise

The Mechanic's Bench vise has a 4 lug base that can be bolted on to the work bench. Its jaw faces are replaceable and made of hardened steel. The width of the jaw is set at 5 inches and has an opening capacity of up to 5 and a half inches.

This bench vise is solid and will not move as much compared to bench vises with swivel bases. It can easily give you a sturdy grip on the object you're working on.


Adjustable Clamp Light-Duty Bench Vise with Swivel Base (Model# 23530)

The Pony Light-Duty Bench Vise with a Swivel Base would be ideal for woodworkers. It is built for light and medium duty and has a convenient clamp.

Adjustable Clamp 23530 Pony Light-Duty Bench Vise with Swivel Base
Adjustable Clamp 23530 Pony Light-Duty Bench Vise with Swivel Base

With the Pony Light-Duty Bench Vise, you have the option to bolt it on to the work bench as well. Its jaw width is set at 3 and a half inches with an opening capacity of 3 inches. The jaw faces are made of serrated steel, so getting a solid grip on your item is no problem. The body is made mostly of plated steel which is quite durable. It has swivel bases that are square four-hole that can swivel up to 270 degrees. The light-duty vise a small bench vise that would be great for home and shop use.


Yost 2 1/2in. Clamp-On Bench Vise

The Yost Clamp-On Bench Vise is another lightweight vise. Unlike the previous bench vise, this product can only be clamped on the the table.

Let us know what projects you plan to work on with this useful tool

Want to shop for more bench vise ideas? - See some of the other options available on Amazon below, or enter your own search term for custom results

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These four bench vises are known for their own strengths. - Depending on the task you need to accomplish, there would definitely be a certain type you should lo

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