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BISSELL Pro Heat or Hoover Max Extract 77?

Updated on May 24, 2012

I have Owned Both!

Choosing a carpet cleaner can be frustrating. You look at the specs and compare how many amps, all claim to be the best and say they are great at removing tough pet stains and odors from carpet and upholstery- but how do you know for sure until you have used them?

I thought that since it is a pricey decision I would share my personal experience with you and write this review. I have owned both the BISSELL Pro Heat 2X ® and the Hoover Max Extract 77 Multi Surface®.

There are pros and cons to each so which one is best would really depend upon your personal needs. My pros and cons list are based solely upon my personal needs as a Stay at Home Mom, Army wife and owner of two large dogs and a cat- I am not affiliated with either company in any way. As I am not affiliated with either company, I make no warranty or guarantee about either product. I am simply sharing my own experience.

Just to forewarn you, this is not one of those cute little commercials where the puppy shook of a little mud or where the carpet is dirty from years of not shampooing- this article will discuss the other things that many people (especially pet owners) REALLY use the carpet cleaner for (which can be gross). Including but not limited to pet stains and odors and worse.

I really hope that this helps you in choosing the carpet shampooer that is best for your home!

My considerations in choosing a carpet cleaner - and the things you didn't want to know- but knowing which things each cleaner can handle might help you choose

My dog who makes lots of pet stains and odors!
My dog who makes lots of pet stains and odors!

I have two large dogs, a cat and a child who has special needs. I also have a busy husband who likes to sit down on the stairs to take off his muddy Army boots (which requires crossing the carpet- and is also the least of my concerns as far as cleaning goes).

My child has Oral aversions which can cause meal times to become a bit messy. He will sit in front of his food for about 30 minutes before taking his first bite (that bite is usually under protest) and he fidgets, accidentally gets his arm in the food, drops chicken wings and drumsticks and almost always spills his chocolate soy milk (which smells when it dries). His messes are ALSO a low priority for me in comparison as they are pretty easy to deal with .....

The DOGS. ok, I decided to write this article because this morning I spent a good 3 hours hunting for a smell that was with me everywhere I went - I started thinking it was me. The smaller of the dogs (Sammy, 70 lb retriever mix) had been following me around. Then she dropped something at my foot- a "special treat" she had liberated from the litterbox. My initial reaction was a small scream and I backed away a step- as if to show me that this was the greatest gift that could be given, she began rolling on it. I got her outside, cleaned up the mess, gave her a bath and now am about to to Shampoo the whole entire house- just in case.

Sadly, that is also a rather tame situation. The larger of the dogs (Gandalf- 130 lb Lab/ Dane mix) has a problem with his intestines which causes him to vomit massive amounts about every 2-3 weeks. Sometimes we can't get him out side in time. When he has those days, they are followed by a few days of foul smelling "leakage" if you know what I mean- even in his sleep. USUALLY the carpet is spared- he tries to get outside, but every now and then he just can't make it.

The CAT. I love my cat.... usually. She is one of those precious kitties who lets you know that is is angry by peeing on something. It does not happen often, maybe once or twice per year but still. She is 14 years old, she has Hyperthyroidism, kidney problems and frequent intestinal problems. She also has the occasional hairball. A little hairball is gross, but it's way worse when the cat has a chronic illness as it seems to be larger, filled with bile and smells really bad.

I shampoo the carpet in at least 1 room of the house weekly- usually it is more than that though. I also use the hand tool attachment thingies almost daily. The shampooer REALLY gets a workout.

In doing the math, a rental was WAY more expensive than just buying a carpet cleaner- it worked out to be about $43 each time I rented (including detergent and hand tool rental) and that $43 only got us the use of the machine for 24 hours- if I were to clean the carpets monthly then in one year I would spend $516 on the rentals (which is a LOT more than buying a machine) and I would not have access to it in case of "emergency nastiness".

So, Now that you are grossed out, why did I tell you that? - It has to do with the design of the BISSELL Pro Heat®

The Bigger the Dog, The bigger the Pet messes, stains and odors
The Bigger the Dog, The bigger the Pet messes, stains and odors

The BISSELL Pro Heat 2X® has a HUGE design flaw (if you are cleaning up anything other than a little juice stain). The clean water goes into a bladder that sits inside the dirty water collection tank.

It is very easy and convenient to have the "bladder in the dirty water tank" design before and during cleaning- it saves you a whopping minute or less. The thing is though, you have to clean out the dirty water tank AFTER using the shampooer.

Now imagine having cleaned vomit or worse- once you pour the dirty water out, you must then clean the outside of the bladder and inside the dirty water tank. At first I thought "I'll just use gloves to remove the bladder and clean them separately"- well, that helps your hands. The bladder is a clear plastic rubbery material which is flexible and has a teeny amount of elasticity to it. Have you guessed yet? While removing this bladder, a part of it was caught up in the dirty water tank- it acted like a catapult and flung vomit onto my face (at least it wasn't the other stuff I guess.....)

By the way, the above scenario has happened to me more than once.

Well, the other thing that really bugged me about the bladder was that it retained the smell- I had to replace the bladder numerous times as soaking in bleach, baking soda, fabuloso, ammonia, febreeze, laundry detergent and every other chemical I could find did not help -I did not use those all at the same time BTW, you should NEVER mix those cleaning products.

Sorry, my camera did not want to do a close up....Stains from spilled juice and ground int cereal with milk
Sorry, my camera did not want to do a close up....Stains from spilled juice and ground int cereal with milk

The Bissell is not Bad,

it just depends upon your uses.

PLEASE don't think I am "Anti-BISSELL"- in fact, quite the opposite, I would never ever trade in my BISSELL Lift Off Pet® vacuum - I have used it every day for nearly 5 years. I just feel as if perhaps the Pro Heat® design is not suitable for our needs in my home.

The BISSELL Pro Heat® was not a bad carpet cleaner by any means- if you do not foresee a need to clean anything disgusting- just regular upkeep and the occasional spill then it could be a great machine for you. Honestly if we did not have the two large dogs I would buy it again- it did a great job on day to day stuff like dirt and mud.

It was great for pet hair, but did not fare so well with stains such as vomit and urine smells rarely came out with 2 cleanings- they often took 3 (allow the wet area to dry thoroughly between cleanings- over wetting can make the smell worse)! It did not do so well in our new home where the carpet had dark areas from high traffic for many years- we thought they could not be removed after it failed...

I removed stains like chocolate soy milk, coke, and juices pretty well -the frozen concentrate mix for tropical punch, orange juice, strawberry and with 2 cleanings it got out pomegranate juice. It also handled sticky things like maple syrup like a champ.

The suction was pretty good- eventually it does stop sucking up as much water as it did when it was brand new, but if you clean it well (I also used to use the attachment to suck clean water from a bowl to help rinse out the hose) and be sure to clean and dry the bladder very well before storing then it could serve you well for a few years.

In my home the "life expectancy" of a carpet shampooer is about 3 years because of excessive use and frequent moves (which can damage the machine as the movers often cram it in under something heavy)- the BISSELL was still working just fine after 18 months, but I simply could not live with the bladder any more, so I got rid of it and replaced it with the Hoover Max Extract 77®.

Carpet Cleaner Review: Hoover Max Extract 77 Multi Surface® - How does it handle pet messes?

Here are some carpet stains in front of my couch- just spilled juice etc but still needed shampooing
Here are some carpet stains in front of my couch- just spilled juice etc but still needed shampooing

Pretty Darn Well! The Hoover Max Extract 77® REALLY does handle pet messes very well. I was so surprised when I brought it home and the dog (Gandalf) actually vomited as I was taking the carpet cleaner out of the box. "Well, at least I'll get to see how good it is!"

Cleaning that mess was not an issue. It was fast, efficient and left the carpet looking MUCH better than it had in months- I ended up doing the entire downstairs of the house right then because it looked SO much better in that one patch!

I have now had the Hoover Max Extract® Carpet Cleaner for over a month!

I was able to completely remove the cat urine smell (in just one cleaning) where she had been showing me how angry she was. Spills have not shown any problems- fruit punch, soy milk, it removed the smell of white wine (there was no stain with white wine)- I have NOT spilled any red wine intentionally just in case it does not get that out.... I will add that in as well though if it happens.

It has completely removed the darkened area of high traffic that the Bissell was unable to clean- saving us from replacing the carpet!

It has faced pretty much all of the same stains as the Bissell and has removed them all easily- there was one "mystery stain" that required two separate cleanings, but it is gone.

The Hoover Max Extract ® did face a new challenge- my poor old cat. She had a kidney infection and a blood clot simultaneously- to cut a very long explanation short- the blood clot was stuck in a blood vessel near her hind legs- she was unable to move either leg. As I was frantically scheduling an appointment for her, she was laying there and urinated- there was a fair amount of blood in her urine. Then, as I was preparing her carrier for her, she vomitted as well. We headed off to the vet and the "stuff" was left to set in (because her life is more of a priority than the carpet...)

The cat is ok now (don't worry!), she is on an Aspirin regimen for her blood clots, she is walking normally and the kidney infection has cleared up. She is back to trying to steal people food and her other usual antics. The stains though... they came right out with no problems whatsoever- I did use the hand tool to clean them as I thought that it would be a bit easier to clean the hand tool afterward than the brushes underneath.

It was awkward taking a picture while operating, but here it is starting on the stains by my couch!
It was awkward taking a picture while operating, but here it is starting on the stains by my couch!
Here is the carpet in front of my couch immediately after using the max extract- it is still a bit damp in this photo but the stains are gone!
Here is the carpet in front of my couch immediately after using the max extract- it is still a bit damp in this photo but the stains are gone!

Cleaning the Hoover Max Extract 77®

was pretty easy- would have been even easier had I looked underneath!

I dumped the water out and was somewhat annoyed at the remaining drips that got caught up in the lip as I turned it over and over..... my kid walked by and said "Mom, why don't you just undo the plug thingy?" I looked and lo and behold- there is a very easy to deal with drain plug that twists right off and drains the water. Ooops

Since learning about that, emptying and cleaning the dirty water tank is insanely easy. Drain it, wash it with hot soapy water, dump that, wipe, rinse and dry. No struggling at all! No getting hit in the face with nastiness!

Overall impression of the Hoover Max Extract 77® - My Favorite so far!

Hoover Max Extract 77 in use on my kitchen floor!  It really does work on different surfaces!
Hoover Max Extract 77 in use on my kitchen floor! It really does work on different surfaces!

I have had others aside from the Bissel Pro Heat® and the Hoover Max® extract, but for my needs the Hoover Maxt Extract 77® wins hands down!

All in All, I am able to completely clean the entire carpet in my living room (about 600 sq feet) including the time it takes to refill the water and empty the dirty water tank, and clean after use in about 30 minutes!

Cleaning the machine and the brushes is simple to do and pretty quick in comparison. I feel that I definitely got my money's worth here and intend to stick with the Hoover.

Another little perk with the Hoover Max Extract 77® is that I knew it said multi surface, but I did not really care at the time- I needed something that could handle the carpet and upholstery. After I cleaned the carpets with it for the first time I thought I might as well try it out on tile since it is a multi surface and it was a bit more than I had planned on spending.... WOW. My kitchen tile looked like it had been professionally cleaned! I mop every day- this did a lot better than mopping! I plan to work the tile floor into my cleaning schedule for the Max extract® at least once a week now!

I thought it would be a little dryer as the box says "no more wet socks" but it was WAY drier than any other model I had used including the big rentals. My socks were able to stay dry after allowing 20 minutes of dry time after finishing and cleaning the machine.

Here is My Kitchen Floor after using the Hoover Max Extract 77- I just did a quick clean, less than 5 minutes.  See? The cat is fine!
Here is My Kitchen Floor after using the Hoover Max Extract 77- I just did a quick clean, less than 5 minutes. See? The cat is fine!

Have you used either carpet cleaner?

YOUR Experience Helps!

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Some of the important SPECS:

12 amp motor

Has a heater

12" cleaning path

27' power cord

Cleans edges

26 lbs

holds 1 gallon

  • Easy To Use
  • Good Suction (picks up nearly as much water as it puts down)
  • Cleans Well
  • Lots of You tube videos and Instructions available for troubleshooting
  • Carpets feel very clean after use
  • Amazing on Stains
  • The Bissell brand detergents smell really good!
  • Leaks dirty water by the brushes


  • Clean Water Bladder inside Dirty Water Tank makes cleaning hard and gross
  • Bladder retains smell despite cleaning
  • Carpet still very wet after use
  • Requires lots of effort to clean (I had to frequently take it apart with a screwdriver to clean it)
  • One of our hand tool attachments for upholstery cut the sofa with the corner- but needed to be pressed firmly so have any suction.
  • Not adjustable except for heat on or off

Hoover Max Extract® PROS

Some important SPECS:

10 amp motor

Heated Cleaning

13" cleaning path

20' power cord

Brushed edge cleaning

9' hose

3 speed brush

22.5 lbs

holds 147 ounces (slightly over a gallon)

  • Separate tanks are easy to fill and clean
  • Great Suction
  • Works great on other surfaces too!
  • Hard plastic dirty water collection does NOT retain the smell!
  • Easy to use- in fact so easy I was over thinking it the first time!
  • Great at removing stains and smells- even set in ones!
  • Fast Dry time
  • Adjustable things!

Hoover Max Extract® CONS

  • I have read reviews stating that some of the plastic clips are fragile- I am just being extra gentle with it to prevent them from breaking.
  • Carrying it up the stairs can be more awkward if you are on the shorter side- there is a handle and everything, it is just a bit more awkward- not impossible.
  • Pricey
  • The Hoover Detergents are ok, but I like the ones that smell more like fruit.
  • Does leak a little bit of dirty water by the brushes- but less than most brands.

Hoover Max Extract 77

Hoover Max Extract 77 Multi-Surface Pro Hardwood Floor and Carpet Cleaner Machine FH50240
Hoover Max Extract 77 Multi-Surface Pro Hardwood Floor and Carpet Cleaner Machine FH50240

I recommend the Hoover Max Extract 77® for homes in which it will face tougher challenges. It will likely last longer if you are gentle with the plastic clips. I believe that this will retain it's suction longer than the Bissell as well because it is so much easier to maintain.

Of all of the various carpet cleaners I have ever tried, this was simply the most user friendly and efficient. It cleans up more messes in one single cleaning which saves me lots of time as I don't have to wait for things to dry and come back to do it again. I will probably not try another floor cleaner until I have driven this one in to the ground!


All images on this page (with the exception of product link images and videos) are my own work unless otherwise noted.

Copyright Sidther 2011

Please remember that I am NOT in any way affiliated with Hoover OR BISSELL.

The BISSELL Pro Heat 2x® is a registered trademark of Bissell 2005

The BISSELL lift off® is a registered trade map of Bissell (2011 according to

The Hoover Max Extract ® is a registered Trademark of Hoover 2007

I do have links here that will take you to Amazon where you can shop securely. If you do choose to purchase anything through these links I will receive a small commission.

Whether you choose to buy either or not, I sincerely hope that you found the information you were looking for and had a little fun while you were here!

Which Carpet Cleaner do you prefer?

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    • TonyPayne profile image

      Tony Payne 5 years ago from Southampton, UK

      I have used a Hoover one before and it worked well. I haven't tried either of these though. Bex Bissell's were advertised on the tv all the time when I was growing up, and Hoover is the original carpet cleaner, so both have excellent brand names. Great detailed reviews, this is what consumers are looking for. Nicely done, blessed, and added to my Hoover Upright Vacuum Cleaner lens.

    • sousababy profile image

      sousababy 6 years ago

      I have no experience with either of these (I'm a bit of a Dyson fanatic). Good to know there are other great vacuums. Thanks for such a comprehensive overview of these. Sincerely, Rose

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      So awesome and beautiful information about both carpet cleaners you've presented here.. my dear friend :) Even through I don't have any car pet cleaner experience, but got lots of ideas, tips and new cleaning knowledge for you (again). I could predict this your gorgeous work will be prominent and purple star awarded. Tweeted to all my fans. Have wonderful times.. always.. dearest lady Sidther :D