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Best Ceiling Fan To Buy In 2014/2015

Updated on January 14, 2015

Top Rated Ceiling Mounted Fans For 2015

One appliance that is an essential in many homes would be the ceiling fan. If you are looking for the Best Ceiling Fans 2015 in the marketplace, the rest of this article will prove to be helpful as it will provide you with an idea on some of the most ideal models that can prove to be best for your needs.

One of the most essential considerations in choosing the best within this product category would be the number of blades, which will also be reflective of the functionality of the model that will be chosen. It is important that you know beforehand what specific type of ceiling fan should be purchased, as such will make it easier for you to evaluate your options.

By paying careful attention to the succeeding paragraphs, you will be more assured of ending up with a decision that you will not regret making. Take note of the fact that it pays to take some fraction of your time to think of the best choice.

Ceiling Fans With 2 Blades

Westinghouse is one of the most popular brands that produce ceiling mounted fans with 2 blades. One of the models that can be given consideration is the Solana, which is most popular because of its innovative design, making it an elegant addition to any room at which such will be placed.

Another good choice from Westinghouse is the Harmony. This is chosen by many people because of its ability to produce an airflow that can cover 4,881 cubic feet per minute. With such, it is ideal for a room that is 144 square feet.

When looking for a fan with just couple of blades, the Hunter Fan is another good choice. It has intricate details and sophisticated look, making it perfect for people with discriminating tastes. It has a decorative down-rod that looks like one of those that can be seen from traditional homes.

3 Blades Indoor Fans

Many people decide to buy the Westinghouse Industrial indoor fans because they are well known for their silent operation, which is good especially if you decide to put such in a place wherein you intend to is also heavy duty, making it provide the best value for your money.

The Westinghouse ceiling fan with three blades can provide an air circulation that is powerful enough even for industrial spaces, such as in the case of warehouses. Additionally, they will offer you with the opportunity to select from five different settings, depending on the amount of air that will be needed.

You might also want to choose the Minka-Aire F518-ORB 44-inch Concept II. This will specifically prove to be perfect in a room that has low top. As it has been claimed by the manufacturer, this fan is characterized by simplicity, ingenuity, and functionality.

Indoor Fans With 4 Blades

The Aegean series from Hardware House is one of the models that can be chosen when looking for a fan of this type. They are known for the reversible design of their blades, which will offer you with the flexibility to choose depending on the finish that matches the overall look of the room at which it will be installed.

The Hunter Fan Low Profile II fan can also be considered. This 42-inch fan has a simple design that is complemented by WhisperWind motor. The latter will provide you with an assurance that it will not make any annoying sound when functioning.

Another model that can be considered from Hunter is the Bayview. This is a common choice for people who are looking for a propeller that will be installed in an outdoor space that is covered. This fan is 54 inches and available in Provencal gold and white.

Fans With 5 Blades

When looking for an indoor ventilator with multiple blades, one model that you can consider is the Westinghouse Comet, which is most known for its ease of installation. In fact, many of the people who have bought such revealed that you do not even need to sweat to have it in place.

The Hunter 25517 Summer Breeze is also a popular choice. It is 52 inches and also features the WhisperWind motor. Its motor is popular not only because of its quiet operation, but also because it is known to prevent heating of the fan, and hence, can be attributed as one of the main reasons for the durability of the model.

More so, the Hunter 54-inch Bayview is also given high ratings by its users. In many reviews about this model, one of the reasons for the high level of satisfaction of its users is its energy efficiency. This unit is Energy Star-certified, making it consume less energy in its functioning.

Six Blade Ceiling Mounted Fans

From all of the models that are mentioned in this article, the this type ceiling propellers offer the most in terms of airflow. This is pretty much obvious, basically because of the number of blades that make it possible for having more air circulation.

When deciding what model to choose, the Westinghouse 7814420 Turbo Swirl can be one option to consider. This fan has curved blades, making it look very attractive. Additionally, it is also flexible, basically because you have the option to run it in clockwise or counter-clockwise direction, depending on the weather.

Another good option from Westinghouse is the Origami. This is recommended if the room is small, as it will not consume a large space. The blades have minimal, but that that not mean that airflow will also be at minimum. It is good for a room that is about 80 square feet.

Ceiling Ventilators With Lights

Regardless of the number of blades, indoor fans with lights are popular in the market because of their multi-functionality. With such installed in a room, you will not only be provided with the air that is needed, but also with illumination because it is designed with light.

If you want a 5-blade ceiling fan with light, the Westinghouse Contempra is a popular choice. These fans have 42-inch blades and equipped with three separate lights. It is minimal in terms of power consumption and has an airflow efficiency of 82 cubic feet per minute.

The Westinghouse Petite will also prove to be an option that will not disappoint. Unlike the earlier mentioned, it only has a single feature, but never fails to provide the right lighting that is needed in a room at which it is installed. It only has a diameter of 30 inches and will prove to be best in a room that is 80 square feet.

Installing A Fan

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