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Best Herbs For Fairy Gardens

Updated on June 19, 2016
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I find fairy gardens enchanting and work the fairy figures and petite plants into my miniature landscaping. Join me, it's lots of fun.

Why Should You Plant Herbs In Your Fairy Garden?

Fairy gardens are miniature works of floral art that delight both you and your guests, the fairies. And, while having lots of colorful flowers in your miniature garden is a given, you also want to include plants that provide contrast and structure.

For example, starting with a good foundation of groundcover in your fairy garden provides a thick, lush carpet of green that means comfort for your fairies but acts as the perfect backdrop for garden portrait.

While various groundcovers can be used to create the appearance of hills and valleys, the next most obvious choice is to plant flowers for your fairy garden. Since fairies love all flowers your choices here are literally unlimited.

But if you want your fairy garden to resemble a real, miniature fairy world, you need to include some greenery that will add height and dimension to your garden - similar to the trees and shrubs you include in your regular garden.

And that's why you need to include herbs i your fairy garden. They're like miniature shrubs and trees, with a few dainty little flowers thrown in, and all wrapped up in delicious aromas.

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The Benefits Of Planting Herbs In Your Fairy Garden

Of course the most obvious benefit of planting herbs in your fairy garden is that you'll have all those fresh, delicious herbs to use in your cooking. Rosemary, Thyme, Sage, Oregano, and even Garlic all make ideal additions for your garden and they're all used in a variety of recipes.

Herbs also have medicinal uses - Use sprigs of lavender in a sachet or in your bath water to help calm your nerves, or steep mint leaves for a tea that eases an upset stomach.


Some herbs can be used for very fragrant houseplants. A Rosemary plant smells like a Christmas tree and some people actually decorate a Rosemary plant for their kitchen during the holiday season.

And speaking of fragrance, nothing smells more like summer than walking out into your garden to the fresh scent of Lemon Sage or Peppermint.

But the best benefit of including herbs in your fairy garden is that many of them can be shaped to resemble little trees and shrubs to decorate your miniature landscape and make it look more realistic.

Lemon Thyme for the Fairy Garden

Gold Lemon Thyme Plant - Bright Golden-Edged Leaves - Live Plant - 3" Pot
Gold Lemon Thyme Plant - Bright Golden-Edged Leaves - Live Plant - 3" Pot

Lemon Thyme

Thyme has small, delicate leaves which makes it a natural choice for any miniature garden. Use it as a fragrant welcome mat around the fairy house and you can even trim it to give the appearance of shrubbery.

Unlike regular foliage, when you trim or sculpt Thyme you can take your trimmings right into the kitchen and use them in your favorite recipes.

Lemon Thyme actually smells and tastes like lemon. Use it to make seasoned salts, salad dressings and to flavor fish and seafood.


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Rosemary Plant

Tuscan Blue Rosemary - Live Herb Plant
Tuscan Blue Rosemary - Live Herb Plant


Rosemary is a favorite addition among folks who create miniature gardens. It's a woody perennial, just like an evergreen tree. In fact, Rosemary even resembles an evergreen tree with sharp, spiky leaves like needles, and it even has the same, woodsy aroma.

Use Rosemary in your fairy garden because it has such a wonderful fragrance. Plant a sprig here and there to resemble small trees or bushes. As a plus, Rosemary has tiny little flowers during the summer - the perfect size for fairies.

Again, to maintain the appearance of your miniature garden simply trim your Rosemary when it starts to lose its shape. Then use them trimmings to flavor meats, sauces, gravies and soups.


Plant a Border of Chives - Video

Lavender - for Your Fairy Garden


Graphic from Zazzle: Lavender Fairy Post Cards by New_Flower_Fairies. I just bought a new lavender plant for my garden yesterday. I can't wait to see if it will attract a lavender fairy like this one to stop by.

I already have butterflies like these flitting about. Aren't they sweet!

Findlavender - Hidcote Blue Lavender Plant - 4in Size Pot - 1 Live Plant
Findlavender - Hidcote Blue Lavender Plant - 4in Size Pot - 1 Live Plant


Lavender is a perennial that grows to about 18 to 24 inches tall and the fairies absolutely love this herb.

First, it's purple, the color worn by Fairy Royalty. But even more important, lavender has many medicinal uses. It's been used for centuries to help people relax. Sleep with a few sprigs of lavender under your pillow and you'll see just how calming it is.

Use lavender to make lavender tea, lavender sugar, even lavender cookies. Florists use dried lavender to create beautiful arrangements that flood your home with the relaxing aroma.

Best of all, because of its height, lavender makes an ideal background herb to highlight a fairy house in the foreground.


The Fairy Who Lives in My Garden



Purple Sage Herb - Grow Indoors/Out - Live Plant - 3" Pot
Purple Sage Herb - Grow Indoors/Out - Live Plant - 3" Pot


Sage is another herb that can be used to create contrast in your miniature garden. Like Rosemary and Thyme, you can trim sage to create hills and valleys, bushes and shrubs. And you can take the trimmings right into your kitchen and use them to flavor meats, vegetables, soups, salads, and all your favorite recipes.

Sage has another benefit, too. Fairy gardens are mystical, magical little places and sage has magical properties. It's often used to cleanse a home of evil or negative spirits. Fairies love sage because it means their garden will always been a positive place, filled with goodness and light.


© 2012 Virginia Allain

Have you seen the fairies in your garden? - Maybe You Need to Plant Some of Their Favorite Herbs

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    • Hexadecimal LM profile image

      Hexadecimal LM 4 years ago

      great lens, alot of fun to read!

    • GardenIdeasHub LM profile image

      GardenIdeasHub LM 5 years ago

      Thanks for your advice about planting herbs in the fairy garden and and will be back to read more.

    • Virginia Allain profile image

      Virginia Allain 5 years ago from Central Florida

      I have a little fairy statue in my garden. Does that count?

      I like the idea of special plantings for the fairy garden.