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Portable Air Compressors That Help Power Other Tools

Updated on November 1, 2016

What is the best portable air compressor for the money to use at your home?

Air compressors a wide variety of uses but they are often used to inflate things. But it has so many other uses and every garage should have one of these.

This is great for families with athletes because you can use them to inflate balls. It's also great for inflating tires.

Air compressors are also used by some power tools like wrenches, sanders, nail guns, and other things.

It may not be an essential item for every household but for those who truly need it, there are several brands and models out in the market offering.

Deciding on a specific item depends on how much you need and what you need it for.

Porter-Cable Pancake Compressor (Oil-Free) with 13-Piece Accessory Kit (Model # C2002-WK)

The Porter-Cable pancake air compressor comes with a lot of accessories making it a very versatile appliance to use. You can use it for anything from inflating objects to running air through power tools like nail guns.

It has a maximum tank pressure of 150 psi which allows you to use it for longer periods of time. It is a small, pancake-type air compressor that can be powered by any simple household outlet. It can run at 3 standard cubic feet per minute or SCFM which allows it to recharge its 6 gallon tank faster.

Its motor has replaceable brushes so that you prolong the life of your appliance. The C2002-WK comes with a blowgun, Teflon tape, tire chuck, tire gauge, and quick coupler plugs. And it has a 25-foot hose so you can move around easily.

Viair Heavy Duty 70P Portable Compressor (Model # 00073) - Best priced air compressor

The Viair 70P is a portable compressor that is great for road trips. It is situated to make it one of the best products on the market for when you need to fill your tires up.

Everyone hates those days when they're ready to go to school or work and they find a flat tire or maybe even just one that needs a bit of air. You don't have time to change it, and it isn't sturdy enough to get to the nearest gas station, this is the Vlair 70P's time to shine. It's the perfect companion for long trips where you know you'll have to pass through rough terrain.

It just needs to be plugged into a 15 ampere port and you're ready to go. It has a maximum pressure of 100 psi and can be used to inflate 225/65/R18 tires. You can check the pressure through a gauge found on top of the appliance. It also comes with a bag that you can carry it in.

Black & Decker Air Station Inflator (Model # ASI300) - Best air compressor for car tires

This small air compressor has an inflation power of up to 160 psi. It's so convenient that it can be powered by your standard home wall socket or even your car's lighter socket. You can keep track of the pressure through a gauge on the appliance.

It's so easy to use, you just have to punch in the pressure you want so that you won't ever have to worry about over-inflating. It's a lightweight device at just 6.1 pounds so you can tuck it away in the corner of your trunk or in a cabinet in your garage.

It has an average rating of 3 and a half stars from over 600 customers. At its price it is a great air compressor which is completely portable and reliable.

Best Air Compressor For Home Use
Best Air Compressor For Home Use

Small Portable vs Large Industrial Air Compressors

When do you choose small vs large industrial versions of these products? With all the selections out in the market, what you really have to decide on is what your budget is and what you need the compressor for.

If it's just for inflating then you're good to go with a small portable model.

But if you need it for more things, then investing in a more versatile appliance would be the way to go.

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What do you plan to use an air compressor for? Is it for home use or at a business?

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