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Indoor Bonsai Trees

Updated on February 6, 2011

Combine Nature and Art Indoors with a Bonsai Tree

Choosing an indoor bonsai tree merges nature and art by bringing the mystical and magical properties of ancient Eastern landscaping into your home or office. The art of bonsai has been practiced for thousands of years and not only makes for an entertaining hobby, but can add peace and tranquility to your life as well.

The art of bonsai reproduces natural tree forms in miniature size. This is accomplished by growing certain species of trees inside small pots, restricting the roots and training the trunk appropriately. Bonsai trees will only increase in beauty and in value as they age and transform while remaining in miniature tree form.

Growing an Indoor Bonsai Tree

Indoor bonsai trees are mystical, magical and beautiful.
Indoor bonsai trees are mystical, magical and beautiful. | Source

Growing Indoor Bonsai Trees

When choosing an indoor bonsai tree, it's important to understand what each species requires in terms of lighting conditions, soil conditions and air temperature. Certain species of bonsai thrive indoors and are preferred for beginner to intermediate bonsai enthusiasts.

When buying a bonsai, the following questions should be answered:

  • How often should I water my bonsai?
  • How often should I feed my bonsai?
  • Will I require any special tools for keeping my bonsai healthy and beautiful?
  • What lighting conditions are optimal for this type of bonsai species?

Water Frequently and Moderately

Indoor bonsai trees require watering precision.
Indoor bonsai trees require watering precision.

How often should my indoor bonsai be watered?

Indoor bonsai trees must be watered carefully and using as much precision as possible to ensure the health and vitality of your tree.

Free draining type of soil is most often used when planting a bonsai, because these trees do not tolerate water sitting at the roots. Due to the type and minimal amount of soil used, you must water a bonsai frequently. However, this is variable depending upon the tree's location, indoor temperature and availability of direct sunlight.

Using a moisture meter is best for determining when your indoor bonsai needs water. Otherwise, you can test the soil with your finger and observe the leaves of your tree. These conditions should give you a good indication that your tree needs water.

Bonzai Food is Important

Rotate brands and manufacturers when feeding and fertilizing your indoor bonsai trees.
Rotate brands and manufacturers when feeding and fertilizing your indoor bonsai trees.

How often should my indoor bonsai be fed?

Also due to the soil limitations of an indoor bonsai tree, proper fertilization and feeding can make a world of difference in the health and beauty of your tree. Certain factors may make feeding variable, but in general, you should feed your tree a small amount of fertilizer in the spring and a slightly larger amount in the fall.

It's important that the fertilizer you select for your indoor bonsai tree contains nitrogen, phosphoric acid, and potash. "Chelated" iron is also beneficial.

Professional Bonsai Tools

Bonsai tools help make growing and training indoor bonsai trees effective and efficient.
Bonsai tools help make growing and training indoor bonsai trees effective and efficient.

Will I need special tools to keep my indoor bonsai healthy and beautiful?

Depending upon your goals with your indoor bonsai trees, you'll likely need to invest in certain tools.

  • Trimming and pruning require special tools to limit disturbance to the leaves and trunk.
  • A concave branch cutter may be beneficial for allowing the bonsai to heal with little to no scarring.
  • Bonsai wire and wire cutters can be useful when training your indoor bonsai tree.
  • A branch bender may be useful when wire alone is ineffective.
  • A root rake may be helpful when transplanting or repotting.
  • These tools can be purchased as a set.

Ficus Bonsai Tree

Ficus bonsai trees are great indoor bonsai and beginner trees.
Ficus bonsai trees are great indoor bonsai and beginner trees.

What lighting conditions are optimal for this type of indoor bonsai?

When you decide on a type of indoor bonsai tree that you like, be sure to find out what type of lighting conditions this tree prefers.

Some indoor bonsai trees require direct sunlight and if this is not possible, it's a good idea to purchase a grow light. Often different directional exposure will be preferred as well. For instance, some indoor bonsai trees prefer sunlight from the southern exposure, etc.

Many indoor bonsai trees do well under lower lighting conditions, though the more light that's available the more they will flourish.

The ficus retusa, or Ficus Bonsai tree, is an excellent choice for an indoor bonsai tree as it's easy to grow and doesn't require too much in the way of additional care or perfect lighting.


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    • neophonic profile image

      Jakub Dubec 

      6 years ago from Europe

      Bonsai trees are also very inspirating and empowering during work time! :) Im now trying to grow the Ficus ( i gave it to my girfriend and now she gave it to me, lol ).

    • profile image

      Bonsai Wire 

      7 years ago


      Really this post is very informative for me it's a very interesting post regarding indoor bonsai trees. Thank you.

    • profile image

      david stillwagon 

      7 years ago

      great information about bonsai trees. I have often thought about getting one but it seems hard to take care of.

    • profile image


      7 years ago from Canada

      nice information on bonsai care


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