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Why Choose an Interior Design School? What Prospective Interior Designers Should Know

Updated on September 8, 2014

What Can an Interior Design School Do For You?

Over the last few years, interior design schools have been packed with more and more students. This rise in popularity has been due to the decrease in jobs across the United States. NOW is the best time to be creative and pick a career that will make you a nice salary plus the benefit of doing what you love!

contemporary office design
contemporary office design

Getting a Job

More and more people are searching for jobs that require less schooling, to allow them to choose a career that will be around over the next few years. Choosing a degree in design gives a person many different areas to excel. Learning about colors and design will help you in more aspects than just one.

The best interior design schools will help you organize your craft, allowing you to grow and develop new skills that will help with your future in interior design.

contemporary work space
contemporary work space

Design for Small Companies

As a recent graduate from any interior design school, you will be given many choices as to what type of company you'd like to work for (or go into business for yourself). One of the most popular interior design careers is that of small office/business design. Many small businesses these days are looking for qualified designers to completely redo their office space into one that looks successful. If you've ever been in an office building where furniture is contemporary and furniture matches, you'll know that you will trust that company more than if they've got no design skills.

Many offices are seeking designers just like you to give their home office (or business) a complete make-over. Attending any type of design school will give you the knowledge and experience you need to sell your ideas and designs.

One company in particular that makes a very good living from creating business designs is based in Glendale, CA (Warner Constructors). They make their living from designing and creating office space/architecture and they do quite well from it. If you design for a company like Warner Constructors, you'll be able to spread your design expertise while making a profitable income. Most of their project range from $1,000,000 to $10,000,000+.

Paradise Resort Interior Design - How far you go is up to you!

paradise resort interior design
paradise resort interior design

Let's say you love vacationing. Let's also say that you love interior designing. Why not put the two loves together? You could be designing for hotels, vacation spots, etc. With the right knowledge, design skills, and experience, you could be designing in some of the most beautiful places on earth!

Small Business Design
Small Business Design

Interior Design for Friends and Family

After taking some interior design courses, you'll want to start practicing your trade before applying for a job (or starting your own business). The best way to do this is perform free design suggestions with your friends and family. Since they know you better than anyone, they will be able to critique your work and you'll leave those experiences with a more solid understanding of what people like/dislike. Since people are continually in need of upgrading their curtains, couches, wall paper, carpet, etc, they will be looking for talented designers to give them free advice. Free advice allows you to be as creative as you want without any bad outcomes.

If you were to start up a business without having any prior knowledge of designing, you might cost friends, family, and small businesses a lot of money especially if your designs aren't up to par with what they're looking for. You will need this work experience to enable you to look at a home or office and be able to narrow down on what would look great and what wouldn't.

Once you put your recently acquired design skills to good use, you will learn very quickly how to design a room for little cost and the most enjoyment from its users.

Interior Design Projects

Best Ranked Design Schools

best interior design schools
best interior design schools

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