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Best Kitchen Knives Set Of 2012

Updated on August 23, 2012

How To Pick The Best Kitchen Knives

This is a super crazy guide to help you pick the best kitchen knives. We categorize each item from chef to boning knives in order to help you understand what you really need! At the start though, we introduce some kitchen sets in case you want a few knives and the wood block!

You may also be going after the looks and quality rather simply by price. This guide before will showcase some of the best and most affordable knife sets for 2012 no lies.

The Knife Buying Guide 2012

Select Your Kitchen Knife Set

The kitchen set with the block as you commonly see looks great and come at a great price for so many knives. As many as 18 knives can be bought from a set and you need to buy from a reputable company like the ones below. Failure to do so can result in cheap productions and low quality cutting. You are not a bum right?

The chef kitchen knife which appears to the left is your bread and butter when it comes to cutting anything. It is designed to cut by a rocking motion and can get the job done fast. This knife should be at least 8 inches long and preferably forged properly to have that quality assurance. Low quality chef knives are troublesome and will cost you more money in future.

Select Your Chef Knife - Crazy Chopping Knife Guide Below

The Chef Knife Guide is created to help buyers understand why it is important to choose the right chef knife. Below is also a few knives that are recommended as affordable and worthy of daily use.

Usually around 2 to 4 inches you will find a small little knife like this available in a knife set. This is meant for carving and peeling small fruits and vegetables. You may use this for very small objects that need a helping hand.

Select Your Paring Knife - Interesting Paring Knife Guide

The peeling or paring knife is an essential knife for slicing small items, this guide will help you understand which is the best to buy at the moment.

The one and only bread knife serves its only purpose as cutting bread. However, you may actually use a bread knife for other purposes and is actually a safe knife to have around dangerous people!

Select Your Bread Knife - Read Guide To Own Pro Bread Cutter

The bread cutter guide is designed to help you select a proper bread cutter that looks and feels good on your hand. Yes it may be excess but who doesn't want to look good cutting bread right?

Utility knives are very popular because they have multiple use and are good for cutting most small items. The average size is around 6 inches perfect for everyday use. You can arguably use this for cutting steak and other meats, however be sure to pick up a reliable set.

Select Your Ulitity Knife - Great Guide On Ulitity Knives

Without further ado, the Ulitity Knife Guide is created to help you understand how you take this out of the kitchen. We introduce ways of using similar knives for hunting, fishing, and general use.

Quality carving knifes are essential for perfect meat slices, and you definitely will enjoy watching it in action. There is not much to say here except, quality is really necessary if you are cutting a lot of meat. Be sure to pick up a strong set that will not dull after a few cuts.

Select Your Carver Knife - Carving Knife Guide Below

Carving meat is a pleasure and it takes a lot of skill never mind the need of a good carving blade. The carving knife guide will help you learn more about what it takes to become top dog in the world of carving the thick juicy meat slabs. Trust me you'll become smarter than a butcher in no time!

Every wonder how butchers usually get rid of bones? This is the boning knife and its ready to debone anything you throw at it. Long flexible and able to cut into anything and everything.

Select Your Boning Knife - Check Out Guide For Boning Knife

Looking for cheap or affordable boning knife. Maybe not you want something crazy and can bone anything you want? Then check out the boning knife guide!

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