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Best Lightweight Bath Towels

Updated on October 1, 2014

Quick Drying Bath Towels That Are Absorbent Too

The best lightweight bath towels are absorbent and dry quickly. Consider a light towel next time you need to replace your bath towels.

Sometimes you just don't need a big, fluffy bath towel. If you're traveling or camping, for instance, and can't fit a big, full size towel in your bag or backpack, a lightweight towel or two is just the ticket.

Some of the lightweight bath towels I found are thin but so absorbent! Don't let their "unfluffiness" deceive you!

Photo of Turkish Towel Peshtemal for Hamam Bathrobe Spa Pool Massage Sauna Beach Yacht Gym Fitness Kitchen Yoga Baby Towel Picnic Blanket 100% Cotton Table Throw Sarong Unisex "Beige" courtesy of Amazon.

Benefits of Using Lightweight Bath Towels

~ They fit in small spaces making them

ideal for packing.

~ They dry quickly making them convenient

and energy efficient.

~ They take up less space on the shelf.

Bamboo and Cotton Blend Bath Towels

Best Bamboo and Cotton Bath Towels - Lightweight Luxury

Don't let the size and look of these towels fool you. They may be compact compared with your typical big, fluffy towels, but they absorb like nobody's business!

Choose a couple of lightweight towels if you have limited storage space or need to pack them on your travels.

Lightweight Microfiber Bath Towels

Best Microfiber Bath Towels - The Best in Softness and Absorbtion

Air Dry Towels

One of the benefits of using lightweight towels

is how fast they dry.

If you're trying to reduce your carbon footprint,

consider replacing old towels when needed

with lighter weight versions. They will air dry faster

and stay fresher in between laundering.

After you wash them, hang them to dry instead of using the dryer for even more energy savings.

Best Lightweight Bath Towels - Bamboo and Cotton Towels and Towel Sets

The rich colors of these drying sheets are gorgeous! Make a statement in your bath with these jewel tone shades. They're perfect for a guest room or your everyday use.

Lightweight Hair Towels

Microfiber Hair Towels

Women's Microfiber Quick Drying Towel/Cap for Long Hair
Women's Microfiber Quick Drying Towel/Cap for Long Hair

A microfiber hair towel is lightweight and absorbent. I use a similar hair turban and my hair is nearly dry after just a bit of air drying.


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