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Best Paint Colors for Home Office

Updated on July 22, 2015

Home Office Color Schemes

What are the best paint colors for a home office? Working at home can mean lots of time spent in a home office. So what are some of the best paint colors for home offices?

First you must determine how you are going to use your home office. If you use it just for managing and storing personal and household business then you may want a different mood than if you have a high energy home based business that requires you to be both productive and energetic.

Although there can be other factors that affect our mood, research has clearly shown that room colors have a direct effect on how we feel. So let's take a look at what research has to say about the psychology of colors.

"Home Office Paint Color Ideas"

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Neutral colors are a very popular choice when it comes to choosing paint for a home office. Besides the flexibility of the color scheme, browns have shown to create a feeling of comfort and security. Although not the same as the tranquil calm that blues and greens give, it does make most people feel at ease.

This can be a good choice for an office and like I said is one of the more popular choices. If you go with some shade of brown, then you might want to read on for more tips on enhancing the mood with other colors.

Energized Home Office Color Schemes

Orange Accents bring energy to your home office...

While a variety of browns may be one of the more popular choices, you might want to consider including some Orange accents to your home office. Orange painted walls are often used in fitness centers or gyms because it creates energy, excitement and overall enthusiasm. Although you might not want the full effect, you still want some level of energy in a home office to help increase productivity. You could also consider using it as an accent color on one of your walls, and whether it is bright orange or a more subdued terra cotta color, it will still energize the room.

Want to be More Productive at Your Home Office?

It could be as simple as changing your colors with paint and office accessories...

Seems silly to think paint colors could make you more productive, but large companies use color every day to create a more appealing logo or to make their workers feel more energetic. So there is no reason we can't take a little time to use the same psychology in our home offices.

I work from home and I know from experience that something as simple as not enough light can affect my productivity, so I know certain colors also have that type of power. Simple changes can have big effects if we figure out what those changes need to be.

Most people think of blue as a calming color and while this is true, it can have other benefits when used in your home office. Research shows that blue rooms can make people more productive.

Blue is one of the cool colors of the color spectrum and physiologically creates a calming effect which leads to better concentration and therefore more productivity.

If you want to create your home office using a blue color scheme but you are not ready to paint your walls blue, you could use a portable partition. This option gives you several variations in how you design and use your office space. Just another way to create a more productive home office space.

Blue Home Office Color Schemes

Blue Office Chairs

Adding other elements of color to your blue office chairs to your home office is another way of using color psychology. We all know how important a comfortable office chair is when you spend a lot of time sitting at the computer. If you only have to sit for short periods of time, you may not need a top of the line chair but you still need one that offers a comfortable seat and supports good work habits. This along with using different paint colors will help you work towards becoming more productive.

Home Office Paint Colors for Small Rooms

Small Home Office in White

White is usually the color of choice for small office spaces. It creates a feeling of spaciousness, it reflects more light and makes people feel more optimistic. Create your space by painting your walls white and using one of the other accent colors to bring out the look or mood you want to create.


"Small Home Office"

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Choosing the Best Paint Colors for a Home Office - Psychology of Colors

"Best Paint Colors for Home Office"

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Home Office Colors to Avoid Using Color Psychology

Black- Overpowering and often represents evil or darkness

Red- Stimulates faster heartbeat and can raise blood pressure

Yellow- Although an optimistic color, people often loose their tempers in yellow rooms

Green- A relaxing color , recommended as accent color to enhance the balance of the office

Purple- Can be too dark or chilly for wall colors in a home office but does spark creativity

Tips on Choosing Home Office Paint Colors 2013 - Home Office Paint Color Ideas

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