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The Best Round Area Rugs For Any Room

Updated on August 1, 2013

Area Rugs That Are Round Make Great Accent Pieces

I love round area rugs because they are typically the perfect accessory to finish any design idea you may have. Whether you are decorating a kid's room, furnishing a formal dining room, or adding a traditional round braided rug to a library one of these stypes of area rug's can make the place look fantastic.

Below I've featured lots of circular area rugs, some ovals most however are purely round. I've got sections below for various styles including modern, contemporary, traditional, braided, kid friendly, and more. I even have a section for extra large round rugs. Whatever you need I hope you find it here or on one of the sister sites referenced throughout this page.

Photo Credit - Hand Tufted Wool Swirl Rug by EROC available on Amazon

One Of My All Time Favorite Round Accent Area Rugs

This round accent rug is not only available as shown but also in many different shapes and sizes. I love it because of it's modern styling but mostly because of it's dark swirl coloring. You can see more about this rug below or check out any of the alternative round accent rugs immediately following. Even lower on this page I've highlighted some of the top selling round area rugs for sale today. Hopefully you'll find something that works for you and your home on this page.

EORC SLMU Round Hand Tufted Wool Swirl Rug, 6-Feet
EORC SLMU Round Hand Tufted Wool Swirl Rug, 6-Feet

Measuring six feet in diameter this hand-tuffed wool area rug has some of the highest reviews you can get. I love the coloring too.


Looking For Some Cheaper Options?

Most of the area rugs on this page are curated by style and shape. If you are in need of a quality rug for less then see the following page featuring the cheapest rugs for sale. Many of the rugs on that page are sold in different shapes and sizes then those that are shown.

Cheap Area Rugs That Look Awesome
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Traditional More Your Style?

The traditional area rug has it's own distinct style. Even the most oblivious to style can spot a traditional area rug. I've featured only the best rated and top selling traditional area rugs below. Personally this style isn't my favorite but for many people it is the only way to go.

Here Are Some Fun Round Area Rugs For The Kid's Room

If decorating your kid's room is on your to do list then one of these round kids rugs may be just what you were looking for. I've only featured a few of them however, if you want more variety them please see the following page dedicated to kid's area rugs.

Here is a page dedicated to kid's room area rugs. Check it out for more inspiration.

Area Rugs For Kids Rooms: Boys Or Girls Rugs
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Round Vintage Area Rugs

The following vintage area rugs are sold via Ebay. Each of the listings below is active and ready for shipment. If you want something old this is your best bet.

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