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Best Shower Heads Reviews 2014/2015

Updated on December 12, 2014

What Makes A Great Shower Head?

The different models of the best shower heads 2014/2015 mentioned in my short review are amongst the best choices (according to customer feedback on and online forums) that should be considered when you are looking for the best rated items in this product category.

When you are using any of the shower heads described in this article, you can be sure that every minute spent in your bathroom will be relaxing and energising at the same time, and after showering you will be ready for every challenge the life will throw your way. This is especially important if you are too busy to spend some time in the bathtub (if you are lucky enough to have both shower and a bathtub - I don't have such luxury).

There are different types of shower heads, deepening on how you would want your shower to be. The different showerheads will allow you to choose the area of the body that should be targeted, the type of the spraying motion of the water, and the pressure of the downpour, among others.

When you are choosing from the best rated showerheads on the market available to buy, there are considerations that should be emphasized. For instance, you should think of the pressure that is preferred. You should also consider the style and visual appeal, making sure that it will be a contemporary addition to your bathroom.

Consider the models that will be mentioned below and be engaged in a showering experience like you have never experienced before.

What Are You Looking For In A Great Showerhead? - What is the most important feature in showerhead?

What Are You Looking For In A Great Showerhead?

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Rain Shower Heads

rain showerhead with blue lighting
rain showerhead with blue lighting

The rain shower heads are popular for people who would want to feel what it is like to bathe in the rain. These products offer full body coverage at maximum pressure, which will allow you to finish showering as quickly as possible. More so, the popularity of rain showerheads can also be attributed to the fact that they can be installed in a snap, without even the need to use tools.

In addition, another reason on why showerheads of this type are easy to install is that they are provided with comprehensive instruction manual that will provide intricate details on how the unit can be properly installed.

The Culligan showerheads are among the best that you can ever find. One thing that makes such worth considering is its exemplary capability to filter water, which is done through the effective separation of sulfur from chlorine.

Moen is another prominent brand that has gained reputation within the product category (see Moen S6320 Velocity), basically because of excellent water pressure. Rather than being fixed, the latter is variable, allowing users to choose from seven different level of pressure.

Another popular brand when it comes to showerheads is Waterpik. Among other things, the OptiFlow Technology used in showerheads like MSC-773 Medallion series and others, is one of the advanced features of this unit that has received favorable feedbacks in many reviews. Even if there is low pressure from the water source, this technology makes sure of the optimal output.

How To Clean Your Showerhead?

Handheld Showerheads

The handheld showers are popular for many people because of their ability to target a specific area of the body. You simply need to hold it with one hand and place on the area that you want to target since it is handheld. They are made with ergonomic design to make sure of the comfort of its users.

When you are browsing the list of best rated handheld showerheads, one of the most important factors that should be taken into account is the handle. It should have an ergonomic design, which means that it should fit perfectly on the hand and should not cause any form of discomfort even if it is held for a long time.

If you are looking for one model that will prove to be an excellent choice when it is evaluated in terms of versatility, you can choose one that has three-way diverter. With such, you can choose if you want to use it as a shower head, handheld shower, or both.

For users who value efficiency, the model from Oxygenics will prove to be an option that will not cause any disappointment. It functions in such a way that you will be provide with optimal water pressure, in the absence of having to consume too much water and energy.

It is also a good thing that many of the available brands and models of handheld showerheads are free from maintenance, which makes it effortless to have such maintained in its best possible quality. They have well-thought design that prevents clogging and other common problems.

Speakman Shower Heads

The Speakman showers are known for their elegant look and functionality, making it possible to add a touch of sophistication to any shower room at which it is placed. Aside from their visual appeal, they are also known for being able to provide the best value for money because of their durability.

Regardless of the model that will be chosen from this brand, you will be provided with an assurance that there will be no regrets in the future. You will be confronted with a wide array of alternatives, depending on the spray and pressure that is being preferred.

The Speakman S-2252 is one of the possible models that you can consider buying. This will prove to be the perfect choice if you are looking for a product that is built to withstand the test of time. It also has an intelligent design that incorporates 48 spray channels for maximum water output.

You might also be interested in choosing the S-2251. This model is designed with 64 spray channels, which can be adjusted based on the person preferences of its users. In addition, this model comes in various kinds of finishes. Choose the kind of finish that will complement the other items that can be seen inside the bathroom.

Lastly, the Speakman S-2005-HB is another model that is worth being taken into account. This model is equipped with 50 sprays and 8 pulsating massage jets. With the incorporation of such in its design, you will have the assurance that every minute spent in the shower is as relaxing as possible.

Kohler Shower Heads

If you are still undecided with regards to the perfect brand that can be considered if you are looking for a showerhead that has the ability to provide maximum coverage and pressure, Kohler is one that should definitely be not missed.

One of the models that can be included in your list of possible choices is the K-17493-CP, which is known for its sleek design. Because of its size, it will be the perfect choice for bathrooms that are limited in terms of space. Additionally, it comes with a non-slip hake, providing you with an assurance of having a solid grip on the shower head even if your hands are soapy.

You can also choose the KOHLER K-17492-CP. Among other things, the Flipstream technology is one of the features that make it a favorite in many reviews. With the incorporation of such, it becomes a breeze to change the mode of operation of the unit.

The KOHLER K-10391-AK-CP is another model that you will also find good from Kohler. It has a well-designed nozzle that provides an assurance on the optimal water pressure and supply. The MasterClean Sprayface is another thing that is worth highlighting, which makes it possible to maintain the effectiveness and functionality through the decreasing the likelihood of being clogged.

If you are looking for Kohler showerhead that is excellent in terms of the provision of maximum coverage, you might want to take a look at the K-965-CP, which is equipped with 72 individual sprays. The design of this model can help in transforming the bathroom into an elegant space.

Video Reviews of Different Showerheads

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    • profile image

      Just Me 2 years ago

      I need something that is highly adjustable so that both short and tall shower users can get the spray to hit the right parts of their bodies.

    • profile image

      anon 3 years ago

      I'm looking for the closest thing I can get to a rain hand held shower head. They are the best! ..with the added bonus of being able to rinse off the walls when finished.. it's amazing how much easier the actual cleaning becomes!