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Best Snow Shovels

Updated on September 23, 2011

When you live in a snowy area, you always want the best snow shovels to help you keep your drive and pathways clear.

Introduction to the Best Snow Shovels

It is easy to think teat there is not really much difference when you buy snow shovels, after all, a shovel is a shovel right?

This is both an accuracy and a lie. After all, shovels are all the same basic thing, however the size, shape, strength and length varies greatly.

The first thing to remember is that a good snow shovel will be shaped differently to a normal shovel, but more on that later. Buying the perfect snow shovel can help save you time, and back ache!

Here we will point out a few simple things that can help you find a shovel which works well with you when you need to clear snow!

Best Snow Shovels
Best Snow Shovels

Best Snow Shovel Shape

There are plenty of snow shovel shapes out there, but the best snow shovels all have some basic aspects in common. These are designed to suit the texture of snow, which is solid, sticky, and can be compressed.

To help with the compression the best snow shovels uniquely have a 'back' which allows you to pack more snow on to the shovel, literally compressing the snow as you shovel. This allows you to clear snow much more quickly and efficiently.

Snow shovels also rarely have steep or enclosed sides. this is perfect because snow will often 'hold' together even with no supporting base.

Best Snow Shovel Size

Choosing the right snow shovel size is as simple as it gets. Just make sure you pick a size that suits your lifting power. If you can't shovel too much at once you need to get a smaller shovel, if you can lift a hefty load though you can use a much wider, larger, shovel.

Likewise, the best snow shovel length is a personal thing. You shouldn't have to constantly bend too much, but a shovel longer than required may seem a little hefty and awkward.

Best Snow Shovel Strength and Quality

Strength and quality often relate to price, and while both of these are very important, they are flexible if you only need to shift a little bit of snow every year.

If you suffer from heavy snowfalls, then you want to make sure that your snow shovel will stay strong and not break when you need it the most,

See any Snow Shovels You Like?

There are plenty of snow shovels up there to choose from, and hopefully there is one that is absolutely perfect for keeping the snow out of your way this Christmas.

If you are wanting to find an easier situation to shift snow then you might want to check out a powered snow blower to quickly throw snow out of the way quickly and easily.


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