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Fun Themed Bunk Beds For Kids, Top Bunk Beds For Toddlers

Updated on July 4, 2013

Children Will Love Their Very Own Themed Bunk Bed

I feel like an expert on bunk beds. I shared one with my sister - twice. My brothers had bunk beds for years. My parents still have a set in one of their guest bedrooms. My oldest two boys shared one before we moved into our most recent home. My brother has the most kids of all of us - five boys - and he has three sets in his home.

In most cases, we've used them because when you have to put multiple kids in one bedroom, you can save a lot of space by having them in stacked beds but I've also had friends who had them for their children not because kids were sharing a room but because the styles are more fun than a regular twin bed, more functional, and are really convenient when children start having friends over for the night.

I went shopping with a friend over the weekend while she was looking for a new set for her twin daughters and I was amazed at the neat styles that you can get today. I thought I'd do a little digging and find some of the best themed styles I could find this year for kids.

Pictured: Amberly Dollhouse Bunk Bed (details below)

Army Themed Bunk Bed for Kids - Lofted bunk bed with slide and tent

Both my brother and I have all boys so we tend to focus on furniture and bedroom dcor more interesting to boys and that has to include anything with an army theme. My boys love khakis, camouflage, Nerf guns and light sabers. Everything they do in their free time has to do with battles and they've all wanted to join the Army at one time or another.

Coaster Home Furnishings  Kids Camo Tent Twin Loft Bunk Bed with Slide - Camouflauge
Coaster Home Furnishings Kids Camo Tent Twin Loft Bunk Bed with Slide - Camouflauge

This model isn't your traditional bunk with two beds. Instead, it's one bed lifted to the upper position with a play area underneath. What boy wouldn't want to slide his way out of bed each morning?


Dolls House Bunk Bed

Sleep overs could become very popular at your house with this amazing design.

This is one of my favorites for a little girl. Do you remember playing with a doll house when you were young? It's hard to do so and not wish with all your child-might that you could actually live in your doll's house. Now, it looks like you can. There are two beds, one down and one on the top that you get to by stepping in the climbing holes on the side. The shelves are a really good size so they'll hold a lot of stuff but I think the best part is the view out of the little doll house window from the top.

Amberly Dollhouse Bunk Bed CHECK PRICE

Tent Bunk Bed With Slide

Popular hideout for kids

Similar to the army themed set, this is a single bunk raised to the top position so it's made for just one child and has the same play space underneath but it's all in primary colors. Bright red, blue, and yellow are popular choices for a young boy and there are a ton of Disney bedding that go with these colors. You could also do plain white sheets or have multiple sheets in primary colors to mix up the look.

Coaster Bunk Bed with Slide and Tent, MulticolorCHECK PRICE

Princess Castle bunk Bed

Twin size bunk bed with slide

This castle style bunk bed and play area is also a single bed with a play area underneath but it has the added benefit of a tent over the mattress area so a little girl and her dolls can play quietly in bed and feel their still "inside" the castle.

Powell Princess Castle Twin Tent Bunk Bed with SlideCHECK PRICE

Tree House Bunk Bed

Childrens dream indoor tree house

If little girls want to live in their doll house, little boys want to live in their tree houses. I think this set has a generous amount of space and storage but designed to take up a relatively small footprint in the bedroom. It makes good use of the space under the top bunk with a desk that you can reach while sitting on the bed or you can roll out the bed and use a chair. This one looks just like the a-frame log cabin my in-laws have up north.

Montana Loft Bed in Rustic Oak Finish by AcmeCHECK PRICE

Cottage Bunk Bed For Girls

This loft bed is surrounded with a pretty, pink cottage. Because the top is surrounded with a tent material, it resembles a two story play structure. There's a charming ladder to climb up to the top sleeping area and a nice play space underneath. While the slide takes up some space, you'll love it on a rainy day. You'd think kids would get tired going up the ladder and down the slide over and over but I've rarely found that to be the case.

Bolton Furniture Cottage Low Loft WhiteCHECK PRICE

Boys Castle Bunk Bed

When I saw this one set up with the lamp in the play space underneath, I immediately thought "man cave". What a neat spot for a kid to sit and read, play with his trains, trucks, cars, or Legos. Is it just me or do you also think that being able to contain some toys in that space and keep them out of site makes the room look more organized? I hate to make my kids be complete neat freaks but I do like their rooms to be pretty tidy. This kind of gives the best of both worlds.

Cottage Twin Low Loft Tent Bed with Tent and Built-In Ladder CHECK PRICE

Girls Castle Bunk Bed

My niece has a bed like this and she and her two sisters are very close. They can keep themselves occupied just around this one bed for hours and hours. When they feel like playing with something quiet, they crawl into the space underneath. When they're feeling rambunctious and have energy to burn off (which seems to happen quite often), they're all over the top and bottom of that bed and it's held up really well.

Powell Princess Castle Twin Tent Bunk Bed with SlideCHECK PRICE

kids/Toddlers Tent Themed Bunk Bed

Our house has 10 foot ceilings because it gets very hot in our part of the world and higher ceilings can help rooms feel more comfortable when it's hot outside. However, it makes decorating more difficult because if you don't decorate all the way up, then the room looks strange with a lot of blank space towards the ceiling. This kind of a bunk bed set takes care of that problem. The fabric tower of the slide really stands out!

Boys Blue & Green Twin Tent Bunk Bed with SlideCHECK PRICE

Royal Castle Bunk Bed For Daughters

I saved my all time favorite for last. If only I could convince my husband that this would help his back, I'd have it myself. The idea of walking up the little stairs to bed in my princess pajamas is just too dreamy. I'm a huge fan of the show "Once Upon a Time" and it makes me think of the episode where Snow White wants to move into her own house because she'd always envisioned having turrets. I'm with her!

Anatolian Castle Bunk BedCHECK PRICE

How To Make a Bunk Bed Video - If you are thinking about making your own

What Do You Think the BEST Themed Bunk Bed for Kids is?

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