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Best Oscillating Tower Fans 2015

Updated on March 19, 2015

More and more people are interested in finding the best tower fan nowadays because these elegant products can generate a breeze around you while blending in with your room's décor much better and without occupying a lot of space like the traditional stand fans do. They are also safer because the blades are well disguised behind the grill. This article aims to help you in deciding the oscillating tower fan model that will keep you cool and fresh throughout the summer. In order to do that, the best sellling tower fans have been listed with reviews that point out to the strengths and weaknesses of each item.

What features does the Best Tower Fan have?

Before moving on to review the different models, it is a good idea to discuss some basic features you should be looking for when you are assessing tower fans.

Fan Speed: A powerful air circulation ability is the number one feature you should be looking for in a fan. Creating wind is the only purpose of a tower fan so make sure it is able to do that. Some companies release data on how much air the fans can circulate in cubic feet per minute (CFM). This data can give you an idea when it is available but more important is what the customers think of the fan's air blowing power. That being said, one has to remember that tower fans usually circulate less air than stand fans so it is not fair to compare any tower fan with stand fans.

Noise: Some people have issues with loud fans that interrupt their sleep or TV session. A quiet fan will serve you better, if you are a light sleeper.

Durability: A wobbly tower fan can rattle while on and it can even fall down if pushed hard. Durability is also important because you want your fan to last a long time so you do not have to purchase a new one every few months.

Size: People prefer tower fans because they take less space. All the tower fans in this article have size similar dimensions: Height is about 40 inches and each side is 10 inches. They normally weigh around 10 lbs.

Ionizers: Several tower fan models have ionizers. These emit charged ions that attract dust and other particles in the air and cause them to sink down to the floor, making the air cleaner. The ionizers on fans are rather weak when compared to air purifiers so do not hope them to make a lot of difference. Not surprisingly, many people who have ionizer tower fans note that they do not see much effect. In other words, an ionizer on your fan is a nice extra but it is not something that should affect your decision.

Honeywell Fresh Breeze Tower Fan HY-048BP

Honeywell's tower fan has been at the top of the best seller list for some time and this is definitely because it is one of the cheapest tower fans you will find in the market. Of course, being cheap is a great advantage but in most cases, it is not a good idea to buy the cheapest product you find and tower fans are no exception. Honeywell HY-048BP suffers so many weaknesses that I cannot recommend it.

Honeywell tower fan is OK as a fan. What the customers agree on is Honeywell HY-048BP blows some air but does it not so quietly. So, it is OK if you just want a small fan that does not occupy a lot of space. It is not the best if you want to watch TV while it is on.

There are various other complaints with HY-048BP. The most frequent issue is with the oscillation function that breaks down after a while. Also, there are too many reports of this fan starting to make rattling, clicking or high-pitched whine-like noises. These problems are probably caused by the flimsy plastic build of the base that hardly supports the weight of the fan. If you are not careful, the fan can even get knocked down.

The remote is a bit odd, too. The buttons are confusing and you have to cycle through all the fan speed levels to turn it off and ionizer is controlled by the same button that tells the fan to oscillate. The fan also forgets settings when switched off. It also takes some effort to get the fan to receive remote commands. People sometimes find it easier to leave the remote alone and control the fan manually and that's why one customer has commented that this fan should not be bought for the remote.

There is no end to the cheap, made-in-china feeling with HY-048BP. Plastic smell and labels on fan's body that leave sticky residues and a nonchalant customer support are yet other issues that need a mention. HY-048BP still can do some fanning though and it costs less than any other tower fan. If you are bent on getting the cheapest possible tower fan, Honeywell is an option but before you decide, you should have a look at the better models on this page that have only slightly higher prices.

Lasko 2551 and Lasko 2554 Wind Curve Tower Fans

These two tower fans by Lasko are named differently but they have very similar product specs and customer reviews. In practice, the only difference between the two appears to be the color and that is why these two will be reviewed together.

The fans are 42 inch high. The weight and dimensions are not much different from any other tower fan.

The problem with these models is they are cheaply made and in more than one case, they stopped working within the first few weeks. You'd better make sure you keep the receipt and warranty papers in case it breaks down before the warranty is over. Other customers have reported wobbling when the fans are on and a burnt plastic smell. Even the screws required to assemble the fan are not included in the box, adding to the cheap feeling. The official maximum fan speed is 710 CFM. This is not a very high speed and I would not call these two fans powerful enough because too many people are disappointed by their wind making ability. Also, the ionizer is reported to be ineffective.

As for the noise, it is hard to make a definite comment on how loud these two fans are. Some people find them quiet while others are disturbed by the sound they make. It has to be mentioned that in both models, there are complaints about a rattling noise from the fan's body.

The oscillation range of both fans is also rather small, something about 45 degrees.

To summarize, I cannot seem to find anything nice to write about Lasko 2551 and 2554. The reason I put these two in this review is they sell a lot. In fact, they could hardly be called the best tower fans. If you want a tower fan and your budget is low, either get the Honeywell Fresh Breeze, that is cheaper or try Lasko 4820 that offers much better quality.

Lasko 4820 Xtra Air Tower Fan with Fresh Air Ionizer

Lasko 4820 is an economic tower fan that is worth purchasing because its performance is decent for a fan at this price range.

According to Lasko, the fan's maximum speed is 867 CFM. This is only 20 % more than the cheaper fans from the same company listed above. Astonishingly, customer satisfaction with this fan's speed is much better. Many people who have tried Lasko 4820 in their home agree that its wind making ability is quite sufficient to make them feel refreshed. Those who are not satisfied are often people who compare Lasko 4820 to pedestal fans, which is not a fair comparison as it was discussed above. I can confidently say that Lasko Xtra Air tower fan is powerful enough to cool your room.

The prevailing view with Lasko 4820 is that it is a quiet fan. While I have to accept that it cannot be as quiet as the Ozeri Ultra Tower Fan reviewed below, it is fine for the price range it belongs to.

As for the ionizer thing, some love it, others say it does nothing but display a blue light to indicate it is on. The ionizer is there and this fan is nice with or without it.

There are a few complaints with Lasko 4820. Defective products can make a rattling noise, which must be returned for a replacement or refund. Also, the remote is apparently a bit low quality and you can have a difficult time pointing it at the right angle for the fan to receive your commands. Remember that this product is on the cheaper side of the price scala, so it should not be expected to be compeletely free of flaws.

Some customers of this fan complain that it stopped working about a year after it was purchased. This is something we witness in all cheap tower fans but there is no reason to shrink away because there is a one year warranty. Keep your receipt and other purchasing documents and you'll be safe. Remember, there are other customers who laud this fan for still working after two or three years of use.

In conclusion, this fan is recommendable. It does cool you, people don't seem to be disturbed by its noise and although it is not the cheapest, it still has an economic price. If you do not want to spend a lot of money and still want to get a fan that does its job, Lasko 4820 is probably the optimum choice. However, if you wish to get a truly high-end product you can also have a look at the Ozeri Ultra 42 '' Wind Fan you can see just below.

Ozeri Ultra 42 inch Wind Fan with Noise Reduction Technology

Ozeri Ultra is a smart-looking fan that has decent wind speed coupled with quiet operation. It is not the cheapest tower fan but it is the one that offers the best price to performance ratio and is highly recommended to anyone who is looking for a quality product.

The fan has three speed options, oscillation feature and a 12 hour timer that can be set in one hour increments. There is a remote as expected. There are also three airflow pattern choices: Normal, sleep and natural. The last two mimmick natural breeze by blowing air intermittently. As for the design, the fan looks rather sleek as you can see in the picture. The digital displays add to the high-tech image. It has the same dimensions and weight as other tower fans so you will not have any issues placing it anywhere and carrying it around.

People who buy this tower fan end up very happy with its performance. Although, Ozeri company has not released information on the maximum air circulation of this tower fan in CFM, the customer reviews indicate it is quite a powerful fan. Of the hundreds of people who have shared their experience with Ozeri Ultra, almost none has complained about this tower fan being weak and many have stressed that it circulates a decent amount of air and does a better job cooling the room than most other fans. Another point emphasized by customers is that Ozeri Ultra 42 '' Wind Fan is one of the quietest fans they have seen. You will not have a hard time sleeping with the Ozeri fan on in your bedroom even if you are the lightest sleeper.

As for durability, there is no report of the fan dying in less than a year. There are some reports of the fan dying after years of use but this is a really great lifespan for a fan because cheaper fans often last no more than a summer.

Complaints with Ozeri Ultra are very rare but with countless people ordering the same fan, it is unavoidable that someone will receive a defective product. Well, if you are buying from Ozeri you do not have to worry about any hassle because the customer service is very cooperative and more than willing to correct any issues you might have with their products. They are polite, send out replacements quickly and even read and reply every product review on Amazon to help dissatisfied customers. I really love companies who stand behind their product and great customer service is reason enough to buy your fan from Ozeri.

The only con for Ozeri Ultra is it does not have an ionizer but as I said before, ionizers are not that good anyway.

Overall, Ozeri gets the recommended badge not for any fancy feature or experiment in design but for doing very well what it is expected to do: It gives you a good breeze, does not make a lot of noise, it is durable and when you are not satisfied, the customer support is there to help you out. If you are ready to pay some extra cash to get the better-quality and longer-lasting product, Ozeri is the go-to brand.

Miallegro 1760 Air Ionizer Tower Fan with Internal Oscillation

People who designed this tower fan tried something different but it turns out not to have worked that well. Miallegro 1760 has an internal part that oscillates without having the entire fan turn from one side to the other. This looks innovative at first but in practice, it fails to satisfy the customers who want a fan that will circulate some decent amount of air.

No matter they like Miallegro 1760 or not, every one aggrees that this fan is too weak and should have been more powerful. Even at full power, the wind from Miallegro tower fan can hardly be felt from 5 feet way and I've even seen a review where someone who has bought this together with a cheaper Lasko tower fan says Lasko is better. The motor weakness is coupled with failure in design. The opening that allows the air come out of the fan does not match the oscillation range so the fan is blowing wind into itself half of the time. The only people who like this strange architecture do so because it is fancy but I would not call this a useful design.

While it does not work wonders in moving the air, Miallegro 1760 is a very quiet fan. This is a plus but I would be surprised if it was not quiet because it blows too little air to make any noise. Interestingly, people like the ionizer feature of this fan. It seems to make the air somewhat cooler and cleaner.

All in all, Miallegro 1760 is not a very bad fan but it could hardly be called worth the price. If you are willing to pay the cost required for this fan, I strongly advise you go for Ozeri Ultra instead, for it offers much better service at a similar cost.

Vornado Whole Room Tower Air Circulators

It is a widespread practice to make a product that looks different and present it as a technological breakthrough. The towel warmer at hand features a similar fancy design branded as the v-flow technology. What this means is seen in the picture. Instead of oscillating, Vornado tower fan purports to provide airflow all around the room by having an air exit that points in different directions at the same time. This looks cool but according to people who have tried this fan in their homes it does little to cool you.

The fan looks like it was designed to push air in multiple directions simultaneously but this does not materialize because the fan blows just from the middle part of the grill and the lower and upper parts are solid plastic with no air flow. This means Vornado tower fan blows much less air than it looks it would and it also means that Vornado tower fan just blows in one direction rendering its fancy design useless. This is a big disappointment.

The overall amount airflow provided by Vornado is not that remarkable, either. Customers report that it is somewhat useful on the highest settings but that is when it becomes way too noisy for a fan that has such a high price. Having sifted through hundreds of reviews, I name this a noisy fan with mediocre airflow at best. Vornado is generally accepted a good fan producer and the prevalent view of the customers with these two fan models is that they represent a break from the company's line of supplying powerful fans.

In short, there is not much to be said about the Vornado whole room air circulators. The design looks nice but functionality is lacking. They are more expensive than Lasko tower fans and do not seem to offer anything to justify the cost. My recommendation is still Ozeri Ultra.

Dyson Air Multiplier AM07 Tower Fan

Dyson's new Air Multiplier AM07 was released in March 2014 to supersede the older AM02 with its significantly refined design. AM07 is quieter, safer and more attractively designed than any other tower fan on the market and deserves to be named the best tower fan. Its has a premium price so it is for people who want the very best and are ready to make the generous investment it demands.

Dyson Air Amplifiers have an inaccessible blade that turns inside that base. It pulls the air in and pushes it up all the way through the fan and out of the small opening around the head part. They are not truly bladeless but their blades are impossible to cause any risk for kids or pets. It's also very easy to clean.

When the Dyson's first fans appeared in shops back in 2009, one of the most frequent complaints was the noise. They have been working to improve that for years and the new AM07 design contains what is called a Hemholtz Cavity that greatly reduces the noise. AM07 is as close to being silent as any mechanical fan has ever been. Indeed, I do believe that we are looking at the quietest fan on the planet because Dyson fans have granted the Quiet Mark award by the Noise Abatement Society located in UK. The improved desing of AM07 also reduces its power consumption by 10 % when compared to AM02.

Concerning airflow, what we know is AM07 is slightly better the older AM02, which sucks up to 9.51 gallons of air per second and amplifies it by 14 times according to Dyson. Doing some calculation, we can estimate that to equal to 1067 CFM and AM07 gives you a bit more power than that. That's a decent amount of air pushed for a tower fan.

The value of Dyson's AM07 tower fan is not only about pushing the air around. Having this unique device in your home will also add a charming edge to the décor of your place. Dyson fan is definitely an item of prestige and its presence will certainly enthrall the visitors.

The conclusion: Dyson tower fan is for people who want to stand out of the crowd. With this fan you will cool off for sure and you will be doing it with some style, too.


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      Mohsin ali 

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      Well thanks to you so much for such nice and healthy ideas.

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      Thanks for the kind comments micklelast. I seek to make a difference by providing people with some real information instead of the usual babble you come across on the internet. It takes me quite a bit of time to make sure every word in my articles is 100% accurate and I am lucky if I can publish one in a month. It is great to see that my work is appreciated.

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      You have really the large amount of good information on this bog

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      Very nicely and rightly written


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