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Best Wall Mount Electric Fireplaces For 2014

Updated on December 21, 2014

Exploring Wall Mount Electric Fireplaces

Beautiful and functional home decor has come a long way and one of our favorite innovations is the modern electric fireplace. An electric fireplace now gives everyone the option of enjoying the ambiance of a relaxing fire at anytime and anywhere in their home.

These modern marvels in home design function by a simple electric cord that can be plugged into a standard 2 or 3 prong 110 volt wall outlet. So you see there is no reason whether you own or rent that you cannot enjoy a relaxing fire whenever and wherever you like.

I am writing this from firsthand experience as our fireplace chimney was removed to below the roof by the previous owners so an electric fireplace was our only practical option to enjoy our home fireplace. I have provided a short video to show you the wonderful fireplace glow we enjoy each evening. I now spend a lot of time writing some of the best wall mount electric fireplace reviews on the internet

Many of the modern wall mounted fireplace electric units have an unbelievably realistic flame due to LED technology and we will share with you here some of our favorite units.

Simple Enjoyment

This short video is one I created at home to show you how realistic even this simple electric fireplace insert we placed on our old brick fireplace is. The modern wall mount electric fireplaces we are detailing in this article all have even more realistic flame features and many include back lit ambient lighting like the one shown in our introduction.

Dimplex Synergy Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace

Dimplex Synergy brings fireplace aumbiance to any home decor with a four way installation system. It can be full recessed into a new construction installation or retrofitted into a 2x4 wall. Your other options are Flush mount or as part of a Dimplex mantel package.

The lights reflect off glass pieces creating a flame that is both contemporary and alluring to the senses. With manual on/off switch and the ability to enjoy with heat on or off.

This is our top choice in Home Decor Designer Electric Wall Mounted Fireplace for good reason. As a custom home designer I get to work with every type home decor product available. This is my pick for absolute best value in a designer electric unit.

120 Volts / 1,230 Watts / 4,198 BTU

Dimensions:19.5" H x 50.3" W x 7" D Weight:Unavailable

Synergy Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace $1399.00

Offered by Amazon

Dimplex Dusk Wall Mount Fireplace - 43" Designer Fireplace

We love this sleek modern fireplace for its simple clean lines and beautiful realistic flame.

This unit features a dual heat output option for your choice of 600 watt or 1200 watt heat output. It also operates with a simple manual on/off switch so there is no remote to try and keep track of.

This model also comes with a free pedestal mount base so that you can stand mount it rather than wall mount it if this style works better in your decor.

Dimensions:20" H x 43" W x 6" D Weight:57 lbs

Dimplex Dusk Wall Mount Fireplace $699.00

Offered By Amazon

Dimplex Beveled Electric Fireplace - Recessed or Flush Mount with Gunmetal Finish

We love the classy style of this gunmetal framed vertical mount electric fireplace. This unit has the flexibility to install it in your wall between two standard studs or mount it flush on the surface of your wall.

The thing that attracted us to this beautiful fireplace is the layered decorative sand molds base. With this model you have the option of enjoying the fireplace with or without heat.

120 volts. -10 amps. -4094 BTU's

Dimensions: 34.5" H x 24" W x 7.5" D, 47 lbs

Dimplex Beveled Electric Fireplace

Offered by Amazon

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Modern Flames Dream Flame Helix Convex Electric Fireplace

Whats not to love about this sleek modern fireplace? We like the compact mount anywhere design and think this would fit well in a smaller living room or maybe a bedroom area.

You will love it's Plug-n-Play simplicity and handy remote control. The remote lets you choose between flame and heat or flame only.

Dimensions:28.5" H x 25.6" W x 7.75" D Weight:42 lbs

Modern Flames Helix Convex Electric Fireplace $551.65

Offered by Amazon

Sahara Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace

This is another great design featuring a contoured gunmetal finish with decorative molded sand sculpture design. With a thermostatically controlled 1200 watt heater it is both beautiful and functional having the ability to increase the temperature of a 12'x14' room by up to 8 degrees.

As a home consumer it is nice to know that Dimplex oversees a regional staff of technicians across the country to make home visits for repairs and maintenance.

Dimensions: 27.6" H x 39.5" W x 6.9" D Weight:71 lbs

Sahara Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace$499.00

Offered by Amazon

Fire Sense 60758 Wall Mount Stainless Steel Electric Fireplace

The Fire Sense 60758 Stainless Steel Electric Fireplace offers a patented 3D flame display. You have the convenience of builtand in on/off switches for both flame and heat and a handy remote control.

Add romance to the scene with the glowing ember bed that's included with this unit.

Dimensions: 30.55 L x 19.13 W x 5.67 D inch Weight: 39.16 lb

Offered by Amazon

Napoleon EFC32 Wall Mount Electric Fireplace

We like the unique difference in the looks of this unit. Start with the sleek curved front and the bold white stone flame base. With this unit the manufacturer also offers for purchase colored glass crystals that you can had to the fire bed for a more unique effect.

The heating system has three settings for fan only, 850 watt or 1500 watt heat output. Your remote will control both heat and flame intensity.

Dimensions 32.5" Width x 22" Height x 6" Depth

Offered by Amazon

We hope you enjoyed browsing through these beautiful wall mounted electric fireplaces and we encourage you to read our Best Fireplace Reviews

Thanks for visiting and enjoy an Inspired Day

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