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Biokleen Laundry Powder Review

Updated on August 18, 2014

I Found a Great Natural Laundry Detergent in 2011.

I am chemically sensitive and have gotten really picky about products I use. I wanted a laundry detergent that did not have very many chemicals or strong smells and I have found it with Biokleen Citrus Laundry Powder. This has been the only laundry detergent that my husband and I have used since first discovering it in 2011.

Before finding this laundry powder, I'd used some "not so natural" laundry detergents, some of which have a strong smell and I also thought that using regular laundry detergents might have been making me itch so I wanted to try natural laundry detergents even though they might cost more.

This wasn't the first natural laundry detergent I tried. The few other natural detergents I tried before finding this one, while they did not make me itch, did not impress me enough to keep looking for a better one. After using one of them, our clothes smelled a little like they hadn't been washed. That has not happened with this Biokleen powder because our clothes do not smell at all after they are washed (not like BO on one end, or too perfume-y on the other end) and that's the way I like it. My husband is happy with this detergent too.

How much of the Detergent to Use and How Many Loads You Get!

The Biokleen laundry powder I get comes with a scoop that is 3 Tbs. as it says to use 1 scoop (3 Tbs.) per full load for top-load washers and use 2/3 scoop (2 Tbs.) for front-loading washers. It also mentions you get 100 standard loads or 150 with an "HE" washer. We live in an apartment with a cheap top-loading washer that's not high efficiency so it sounds like we should be getting 100 loads out of the 10 lb box (I am not going to count loads though!)

Important: There is a chance they might change the formula or scoop size at some point, so be sure to read the instructions on the box if you buy this laundry powder!

What is the cost per load?

The cost per load depends on how much you spend when you buy it... the price can vary, and if you use Amazon's "Subscribe & Save" option, you can get a small percentage off their regular price. I saw it going for about $20 (rounding up to the nearest dollar) when buying it as a "One-time delivery" on Amazon at the time of this writing (however things could have changed by the time you read this!) For top-load washers like mine, it costs around 20 cents per load. For "HE" washers it would cost around 13.3 cents per load.

You could do the math for your current laundry detergent and compare it with this laundry detergent and see if it would be much more. Who knows, it could even be cheaper!

Other Notes

I have washed clothes in cold, warm, and hot water and did not notice a difference. I like to use warm water for peace of mind that the powder will all dissolve. You are supposed to put the powder in before starting the water which I usually remember to do.

One of these days I will have to measure how long a box of this detergent lasts for me but I have not calculated it yet. I have not paid a lot of attention but it seems to last for multiple months.

Once in awhile, I absentmindedly forget if I put some powder in the wash, and then I have to re-wash the clothes because it's hard to tell from the smell if clothes have been washed since it's not a smelly detergent!

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