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Birdbaths | Attract Birds, Not Mosquitoes

Updated on April 18, 2013

Birdbaths are the Perfect Garden Decorations

Birdbaths a perfect for the garden or lawn area of your home. My dad absolutely loves to sit in his lounge chair and watch the birds cavorting in our birdbath. He says it's relaxing and their antics sometimes funny.

Birdbaths are great because they attract birds for amateur bird watching or just enjoying as you sit on your patio, porch or deck like dad. They are gorgeous creatures and many different species can be seen using a birdbaths.

The only down fall we have found thus far is that mosquitoes can also enjoy your birdbaths. We found some tricks to use to make sure the birds are still welcome but the pesky mosquitoes aren't! We want the birds to get their bath but don't want to attract mosquitoes. How about you?

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Birds vs Mosquitoes

Birds are attracted to gently running water. They like to bathe and play in it. Mosquitoes prefer standing water (no movement) to lay their eggs.

Make sure your birdbath water has continuous movement.

Decorative Birdbath Fountain - With a Patina Look

Alpine TEC106 3-Tier Fountain
Alpine TEC106 3-Tier Fountain

This classic style fountain is actually made of a resin material that needs virtually no maintenance. The patina, verdi green makes it look like it's been around forever.

It includes a pump for the 3 tiered fountain. The birds will really enjoy the gentle rippling effect while it will discourage those pesky mosquitoes.


Faux Cobblestone Birdbaths - Electric or Solar -- both included

Wishing Well Solar Fountain
Wishing Well Solar Fountain

A wishing well design, this fountain is unique in that it can be run from the included solar panels or electrical cord -- your choice.

The polyresin, 2 tier fountain will delight the birds in your garden!


Solar Powered Birdbaths - Add Water and Go!

Smart Solar 20633R01 Acadia Solar Birdbath, Olive Green Finish With Relief Of Cat Tails And Frogs Playfully Climbing The Pedestal, Requires No Wiring or Operating Costs
Smart Solar 20633R01 Acadia Solar Birdbath, Olive Green Finish With Relief Of Cat Tails And Frogs Playfully Climbing The Pedestal, Requires No Wiring or Operating Costs

Solar powered birdbaths are great. You set it up, add water and sit back, relax and watch the birds enjoy their rippling bath. This one is made of a resin material that will withstand the weather.

It's decorated with frogs and cat tails on the pedestal. Make sure you place it in direct sunlight for best results.


Already Have a Birdbath...

that doesn't have a built in fountain effect?

That's okay. You can purchase a water wiggler that will keep the water in the birdbath moving gently to attract the birds but not the mosquitoes.

Water Rippling Birdbaths - The Wiggler is Included

API 390 Water Rippling Bird Bath with Pedestal and Water Wiggler
API 390 Water Rippling Bird Bath with Pedestal and Water Wiggler

This classic white birdbath comes with the Water Wiggler. The ceramic birdbath is a gorgeous addition to your yard or garden and the Water Wiggler will keep the water from standing still, which will attract mosquitoes.

birdbaths for birds
birdbaths for birds

Keeping Birdbaths Clean is a Must

Birdbaths are susceptible to a number of natural elements that can get them dirty -- feathers from birds, dirt blown in from the yard or garden, algae growing, bird droppings and more. In order to keep it safe for the bird life, it needs to be kept clean.

Weekly, or sooner if it needs it, clean your birdbaths by scrubbing with a soft bristle brush the sides and bottom of the bowl. Then, mix a solution of 1 part vinegar to 4 parts water and allow to sit in the bowl for at least 15 minutes. Rinse thoroughly. My mom has used this method for years with great results.

You can also use a natural enzyme product to make your birdbath water last a bit longer. It won't harm the birds but helps keep the water free of contamination. Of course, when dirt or dust has blown in, the best solution is a cleaning, soaking and adding fresh water.

Image Credit:

Quick Cleaning Birdbaths How-To Video - Keep 'em Clean!

Deck Mount Birdbaths - Works great on your Deck!

Farm Innovators Model HBC-120 All Seasons Decorative Gray Stone Scalloped Heated Birdbath with Deck Mount, 120-Watt
Farm Innovators Model HBC-120 All Seasons Decorative Gray Stone Scalloped Heated Birdbath with Deck Mount, 120-Watt

With the look of a classic concrete birdbath, this compression molded birdbath is easy to attach to your deck banister.

It's even heated for use in colder weather. Just plug in the extension cord. Inexpensive to run, it'll thrill your bird wildlife to be able to bathe year 'round.


Cute Video of Birds Enjoying a Birdbath - Short 21 Seconds Long

A Blackbird and Sparrow take their daily shower in their birdbath!

Double Duty

Birdbaths attract birds that you can relax and watch. They really are a gorgeous addition to your garden decor.

Birds get to cool off and bathe!

Double duty is the best!

Birds Love Birdbaths

birdbaths attract birds
birdbaths attract birds

I hope you have enjoyed learning a bit more about birdbaths and their care. Consider adding one to your garden or lawn. You'll have hours of enjoyment watching the birds frolic and play.

Image Credit: Pixabay, Public Domain

What Do You Think of Birdbaths?

Do you have a birdbath(s) in your yard or garden?

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    • BuckHawkcenter profile image

      BuckHawkcenter 5 years ago

      Really great idea for any bird lover! Good tip about the mosquitoes. And I want that little water wiggler. How perfect for my birdbaths.

    • profile image

      kitchentricks 5 years ago

      Birdbaths are such charming additions to any garden. I love that Wiggler. Have to try it in my birdbaths this summer.

    • Lenskeeper profile image

      Lenskeeper 5 years ago

      I don't have a bird bath, but that would be a great idea. I didn't know that there was such as thing as a water wiggler to keep the water moving, but that would be a great addition to any stationary bird bath.

      I enjoy watching birds coming to the feeder and building nests on my property. Very nice lens. Blessed by this squid angel.