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bissell spot bot pet reviews

Updated on May 7, 2015

Bissell® Titanium Spotbot® Pet

It looks and acts like my daughter's Zhu Zhu pet, except that it doesn't kiss or say those cute little things the Zhu Zhu pet does.

Cleaning bots are not new to the market. I remember seeing the vacuum bot like 10 years ago for the first time. But this Spotbot pet is a whole new level in bot cleaners. Just put it where you want to clean it, turn it on, and go do your thing until it finishes cleaning for you. How convenient.

In this page you'll learn about the amazing stuff it does and how you can deploy it in your housekeeping forces, and about the limitations it has so that you don't have unreal expectations. Have fun :-).

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Bissell SpotBot Pet
Bissell SpotBot Pet

Why Bissell® Titanium Spotbot® Pet

If you have a puppy, a citten, or a toddler in the toilet training phase you'll definitely feel the difference before and after owning a Spotbot pet from Bissell. When an accident, or any other kind of nasty spells, takes place just put the machine on the spot and turn it on. It sprays, brushes, scrubs, kneeds, washes, and vacuums on its own. After it's done just pick it up and put it away. Even older kids still do some messy stuff with their colors and food. This machine is your friend.

So basically it saves your time. While the Spotbot is doing the cleaning you can do your stuff in the kitchen, clean your child, or just set and relax.

Another great advantage is that it's not noisy like a vacuum machine. You can really relax while it's working.

Bissell SpotBot Pet
Bissell SpotBot Pet

For Best Results from Bissell® Titanium Spotbot® Pet

To get the best out of your machine and to extend it's life expectancy there are some things that you can, and I believe should, do.

First off, use warm water. The machine saves energy by not having a built in heater. This helps soften dried stains for better cleaning. This also saves on the cleaning solution. If you feel the cleaned spot still wet use the hand hose to vacuum out the remaining moisture.

After you're done there will be still some water residue trapped in the hose. Hardwood floors are not a good place for storing it then. It will be better if you come back to check on it and dry the drippings, or you can store it where moisture is not an issue. But no storage on hardwood floors.

Like anything else you want to live longer with you, deal with this machine delicately. No aggressive handling, and be extra careful with the solution tank while replacing/changing it.

The machine deals with really nasty and sticky stuff that are also highly nutritive to molds and algae. Cleaning the hose every now and then is a really good idea. Some customers reported that they use hot water and bleach to get the best results.

The machine works really well, so well that the spot it cleans looks always cleaner than the rest of the carpet. This might require you to shampoo the whole carpet or use a steam mop like Hoover steam mop.

Always use the cleaning solution that comes with it on carpets. Spots like fresh vomit don't get off well with warm water alone.

Bissell SpotBot Pet
Bissell SpotBot Pet


This machine is good for spot cleaning. Cleaning a whole carpet or the full floor, however, although can be done but it will not be cost effective. For general floor and carpet cleaning I use a Hoover Twintank steam mop,

As mentioned above the machine works too well that it leaves the cleaned spot noticeably cleaner than the rest of the area. When you use it on a not-so-clean carpet you might have to mop the whole thing with the steam mop shortly (before anybody notices it).

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bissell spot bot pet reviews
It looks and acts like my daughter's Zhu Zhu pet, except that it doesn't kiss or say those cute little things the Zhu Zhu pet does. Cleaning bots are not new to the market. I remember seeing the vacuum bot like 10 years ago for the first time. Bu...

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