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Black and Decker Garden Tools | For Less than $500

Updated on August 26, 2012

Why Use Black and Decker?

Black and Decker has a reputation for making good household tools and appliances that range from power drills, battery packs to garden tools.

I personally use a black and decker drill myself and I can say that it has lasted me for about 5 years. I believe that it will continue to serve me for a long time more. I also use a garden hedge trimmer from Black and Decker myself for about 12 months now. It is still sharp and the battery still lasts me a long time.

Of course when it comes to household appliances like this, there are "accessories" which you will need to replace from time to time like the battery, string trimmer lawnmower replacement blade.

Do you use Black and Decker appliances for your garden or lawn?

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Below are some great ideas on how to choose the right set of Black and Decker tools for your garden!

Here are a few reasons why you should get the Black and Dekcer MM875 Mulching mower

1) Quiet - You don't have to deal with noisy lawn mowers anymore

2) Less gasoline and less fumes - If you hate breathing in fumes from burnt gasoline, then this lawn mower suits you. Definitely healthier for the lungs.

3) Powerful - In my experience, gasoline powered lawn mowers are more powerful than electric ones. The MM875 mulching mower is surprisingly powerful to cut all my thick grass down consistently and evenly.

4) Maintenance - If you hate spending too much time with tune ups, gasolines and leaking, then the Black and Decker MM875 Mulching mower is a great choice! You don't have to fiddle too much with them anymore!

Black and Decker Electric Lawncare Centre

This Black and Decker Lawncare Centre consists of 3 different garden / lawn tools:

1) An Electric Blower

2) Grass Hog Edger or Trimmer

3) Hedge Trimmer

These three different garden tools are useful for just about any home whether it is large or small with a garden that requires maintenance. Some might have hedges that need trimming and so the hedge trimmer will come in handy to trim hedges with ease. Great for those who aren't too young to do too much manual trimming.

The grass hog edger / trimmer is another useful lawn maintenance tool that creates a well defined boundary around your compound. If you hate grass growing onto the streets or outside the boundary of your house, then this grass hog edger is a great addition to our lawn maintenance tools.

Finally, the last tool, the electric blower is electrically-powered unlike some that runs on fuel. This is a powerful blower for those who want to make a quick work out of clearing dried leaves, fallen leaves, debris, dirt or anything on the floor that makes your garden look unsightly.

But why do I recommend this particular set of tools from Black and Decker?

1) Efficient and powerful design - These three tools are powered by batteries but are powerful enough to get the job done.

2) Less noise - Again, cleaning and managing your lawn or garden doesn't need too much auditory disturbance. I would personally prefer a set of garden appliances that work without making too much noise.

3) Cordless - Isn't it great to use these sort of tools without worrying about tripping over power cords or trimming them accidentally?

4)Decent battery lifespan - Depending on how you use the Black and Decker Lawncare Centre tools, the batteries last somewhere between a year to a few years. You may have read complaints on poor battery lifespan but this is certainly not the case for the majority of cases. If you do experience the odd case of poor battery lifespan, get it replaced as soon as possible.

N.B The one thing that you need to remember about using these set of tools is that it is best for those who don't have too large a lawn to manage, otherwise you may need to use other sets of tools that run on fuel.

How About Buying Them Separately?

Would it be cheaper?

I know some of you may ask the question is buying each of the three items would cost cheaper. The usual answer as with most other things is NO. and the same goes with these three garden tools.

If you were to buy a decent quality Black and Decker hedge trimmer like this one below, it would cost you $96.

There are other hedge trimmers from Black and Decker but the one below is cordless and lasts the longest thanks to its 18v NiCD battery.

Similarly if you were to buy a blower separately, it would cost you up to $80+.

Together these two times alone cost you almost as much as the Lawncentre....!

The Black and Decker blower below is a good choice if you want to buy it on its own because:

1) It is efficient and powerful enough. It blows any garden from small to mid size with ease. Its lightweight design also means less effort blowing.

2) it is cordless which means less messing around with cords and risks of tripping over them.

3) Less noise and air pollution which means good for the environment and your neighbours.

Check it out....

Landscaping ideas

What Do You Think Of These Black and Decker Gardening Tools??

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      6 years ago

      Great lens, nice selection


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