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Black Kitchen Designs and Accents

Updated on May 21, 2014

Black Kitchen Designs

Under the right circumstances and conditions, black can be an awesome color choice for a kitchen, as there's something about the atmosphere that black and black accented kitchens create.

I'm a real fan of black, although it's not limited to the kitchen area of the house.

Now although black is very attractive to me, I don't like it to the extent some do as far as in the kitchen goes, as color combinations including back are better for me, or using black to accentuate another color.

Even so, I still like the looks a kitchen dominated by black, it's just not for me.

In a little while we'll look at some black dominant kitchens to see what you think.

After all, with interior design, it's all about what you want and prefer, and if black appeals to you, do it in the way that pleases you the most for the atmosphere you want to create. If that means a lot more black than others like, than that's what you should go with.

Black Kitchen Designs

When thinking of using black for part of your kitchen d├ęcor, the immeditate thought may be what other colors would go good with black, as it would seem limited.

In reality, quite a few colors go with black, although some of that has to do with how the kitchen is designed, and how the colors are incorporated into the overall look.

Good color combinations could look bad if the designer is trying to be too artsy and create for the sake of a certain look without taking into account the warmth of a kitchen and dining area that's also wanted and needed by most people.

An exception to that could be empty nesters who don't live close to natural family members and grandchildren. In that case some people may want to design it in a different way.

Kitchens can also be designed for fun, and that of course could easily be part of the warmth factor, although it adds an element to it that brings it to a different level. In those cases the two can work together or fun can be added as the primary kitchen theme. Both are great options to consider.

Another thing to keep in mind when viewing the photos of black kitchens, is they are taken with a certain view by the photographer in mind. When you're in the kitchen, it would look a lot different than viewing it from afar.

Fully Black Kitchens

By my personal definition, when I'm talking about a dominant black kitchen, I mean the color of the cabinets, drawers, counters and most of the rest, is all black in color.

With that in mind, the first two black kitchens shown here fit that description.

These are the type that aesthetically appealing to me, but aren't the type of black kitchen theme I would want in my own home. It's hard to explain why I think this way, but I think of it in terms of an office or study looking fantastic with this amount of black, but not necessarily a kitchen.


Black Kitchen and Reddish/Brown Walls and Counter

My description above was hard to make because I didn't know whether to call this a darker peach color or a reddish brown. How you want to describe it, it blends well together, showing how black can surprisingly work with color combinations you wouldn't think of unless you try them.

What I don't like about this particular kitchen is the decision to go with the shiny, black material, rather than something a little softer. There's too much glare for my tastes.


Black and Tan Kitchen

Concerning the last kitchen photo it was pointed out how loud the kitchen was because of the shiny material used in the design. Here was have a different look, with a satin finish on the cabinets to provide a nice sheen without being flat looking or overstated.

Also nice the the tan color of the wall and the colors incorporated into the granite counter top. While it still has a lot of black, it shows how the right color combinations and lighting can allow black to have some warmth to it.

To me, this appears to be an attempt to incorporate contemporary and traditional kitchen designs together, with the black representing the contemporary look, and the tan a more traditional look.

One of the secrets to making this work is to have the rest of the accents and design in the kitchen be traditional. Too much black overpowers the purpose, and will easily dominate the room.


Fun Black, White and Red Kitchens

If a kitchen theme can be made to be fun, it can overcome the apparent lack of warmth that certain colors and designs convey in a kitchen, by the fun itself becoming a source of warmth in and of itself.

That is the case with the kitchens below, which demonstrate with the checkered, zebra look in the top kitchen, and the deep red chairs and cabinets in the lower kitchen. Both are whimsical and playful, making it a place associated with fun.

The top kitchen with the zebra splashback design and alternating black and white colors among the drawers and cabinets, is especially enjoyable.

For the bottom kitchen, it gives the sense of sitting at a small restaurant in the 1950s.


White and Black Kitchen Designs

With these next couple of kitchens we see white being the dominant theme with black being used in a complementary manner.

Black confirms its strength as a color in how even with its limited use here, it is powerful in effect.

What is attractive about both of these kitchens is they retain a traditional and warm look while using black in a compelling way.

Black and Wood Finish Kitchen Designs

Here's a good look at how black and wood go together in the kitchen, and it's something I like very much. I think this is the best combination of black and another color which retains the warmth of a kitchen a family would appreciate coming to, while also manifesting a more contemporary look.

Both of them have strengths, with the top kitchen design having slight edge in my opinion, as it has a homier feel to me. The strength of the bottom one is the nice cabinets, especially those with the glass fronts. The piece over the window also looks great.

I think the way the top kitchen is designed with a more closed in sense, created by the extra wall, is what makes it superior in the sense of being a place the family would really enjoy being together in.


Black Kitchens Designs

Black is a great color choice for a kitchen, but as you see above, it can easily alter the presence and feel of a room, so you have to be careful how you implement the designs when using that as a primary, or even secondary color in a kitchen design.

Having said that, what makes it a challenge, can also make it an extremely rewarding, as there are some looks that are generated using black that simply can't be replicated with any other color.

In the end, you just have to be more careful when using black, and be sure to know exactly how it'll look when it's completed.

And if you love black but love a traditional kitchen, options like the wood and black color combination, as well as that of white and black, retain that warmth while adding a touch which blends contemporary and traditional together in a way that works.

Whatever your preferences, black is a color that should definitely be taken into consideration when planning a kitchen, or wanting to add something to an existing one.


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