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Blending A Two Types Of Different Gardens

Updated on March 28, 2018

Beautiful Garden


Mediterranian And Tropical Garden

I have this dream of having a tropical garden in the Mediterranean, where my family is now residing. Fortunately, we have enough space in projecting it into a reality.

I am continuously working on it, and I see that it's getting there each year. It gives me so much pleasure to do it. Simply a full on joy for me.

In my garden there are enough rose varieties, most of the bulbs were imported from The Netherlands, which I have ordered via internet. Interestingly, this timeless, beautiful bloom of roses, originated more than 4000 years ago, growing in the fertile land between the Tigris and Euphrates river in the middle east. And today roses come in many shapes, sizes and colors. Apart from the roses, they are many more other flowers, they usually give a vibrant colors and fragrant at the same time.

  • Sunflowers, every time I look at them, they give me so much joy and happiness cause of their look of bold cheery flowers.
  • Hibiscus, there are 200 species of them, and I have them on red, pink, orange and yellow. And I always strive for bigger and more spectacular blossoms.
  • Birds of paradise flowers, bougainvillea flowers, frangipani, bonsai, lotus and some varieties of desert plants and cactus. And many more flowers that grow during our winter. That is because during winter by us is not so cold.

So much satisfaction and beauty that those combinations of flowers on my garden give to our eyes and soul for my family.

Mediterranean Garden

  1. The key in creating the Mediterranean garden is having the right choices of plants. For example the Cypress trees, it's easy to grow and doesn't suffer in dry conditions.
  2. Rosemary is another plant that is needed to be combined, it's useful and beautiful ornamental as well. On top of that you could add another types of herbs, like sage and marjoram.
  3. Olive trees are a must I think, Its so beautiful and distinctive looks of Mediterranean, apart the palms with its very striking looks.

Tropical Garden

  • Creating a Tropical garden in a cold climate is not an easy task. Plants to be selected should be those that are suitable to its climate. Bamboos, Hibiscus are easy to grow and easily thrive in cooler weather. Bird of paradise, hardy bananas, bougainvillea, ferns, yucca and the Japanese silver grass are the last touch and colors of tropical. If you could build an artificial waterfall that goes directly to a fishpond that filled with varieties of KOI fish, that would be the huge points that would make the true looks of your Tropical Garden.

Projecting The Beautiful Garden

In having a Beautiful Garden, you could do it in a very attractive way. With its beautiful color blends designs in a way to show all the possible with bulbs.

If you have this spring garden in your home garden, this is the best way to attract birds, bees and any other wildlife.

With a minimum of 200 bulbs of spring flowers you could create a beautiful Spring Garden to soothe your eyes. For me Roses, Bluebonnets, Flowering Cherry Trees and tulips are the best choices. Most people would choose the Fragrant Flowers like the Pink Jasmine.

You would need to plant the Low Maintenance Shrubs, as the bushes would just blooms immediately. Choice of plants that in that category are lavender, ficus, boxwood hedges, cypress and ferns.

Eye catching Climbing Vines of leafy plants would be great right by the garden entrance. Some beautiful Potted Plants such as lavender and daisies nearby the colorful Climbing Roses around the walls.

Not to miss the idea of having the long rows of lavender that gives its beautiful fragrance and color. Before you proceed with the planting you need prepare your lawn, rake the lawn and remove all the winter debris and the dead growths. Once you do this, it's going to bring air and light to the soil. And very much encouraging the grass to grow healthily.

And you may sprinkle the grass seeds on the necessary areas. Make sure that the seeding is not on the risk of a high frost, always better to protect them by covering them.


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