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Blossom LED Bonsai Light Review

Updated on September 25, 2014

Bonsai Lights for Home Decor

I love the LED blossom bonsai lights for they can act as great lighting decor at the home. The blossom bonsai lights can create special atmosphere at the home. Besides, it is artificial bonsai, thus we do not need to cry over it when it withers.

Reviews of Popular Blossom LED Bonsai Tree Lights

I will share some of the favorite LED bonsai tree lights for home decor. Unlike those luxury lighting fixtures, they are not expensive. I would love to take a close at some of the brief review, explaining the effect of the bonsai lights as decorative items and why it is worth our consideration when it comes to lighting decor.

If you often hold party at your home, you will love the blossom tree lights that will give out splendid and vivid illumination. The LED bonsai lights are mainly characterized in bright LED lights, multiple LEDs, beautiful shapes, durable construction and multiple colors. No matter which one you prefer, you will surely satisfied with choosing it as decoration.

Lightshare 16 Inch 36 LED Big Blossom Flower Bonsai Light

This is "S" shaped flower bonsai accented with 16 LED lights. It can work for over 30000 hours and it is rather energy saving. The blossom flower bonsai is very suitable for decoration in room, on table or in the bar to create a glowing night light. With brown branch,we can shape it as we like. Powered by battery, it is safe and secure.

Read the review below:


I REALLY like this little bonsai tree. I got it for my son's room and he absolutely loves it. Its about 16 inches tall so it's perfect for use as decoration in any room.

It is exactly as pictured. It runs on 4 AA batteries and has 36 little lights that light up beautifully. They are LED lights so they're not too bright so that it can be used as a night light (and not just in a kids room, it's pretty enough to put anywhere). The branches are moveable so you can shape the tree anyway you like.

18 Inch 36 LED Big Blossom Flower Bonsai Light

This led bonsai tree is popular for it has 36 LEDs decorated by big pink blossom flower and green leaves. Most of those lighting decor lovers choose it to replace the real bonsai at home. Read the review below:

Surprisingly nice

I was provided with the purple green model as a review sample and was very surprised by the size - it is bigger than the photos depict (about 17 inches tall). The lights are actually subtle and are best suited for mood lighting or a night light.

One of the features that I love most is the fact that it runs off batteries. I have spots in my home that scream out for lit decorative elements, but are far from outlets. This one is now sitting on an end table in my living room and I love the effect. Since it has a timer that shuts it down after six hours I am currently using it as a night light for when I pass through the living room in the middle of the night.

One review mentioned the screw that holds the battery compartment in place. My tree came with the same arrangement, but a medium sized Philips screwdriver was all it took to remove, then replace it.

To me perfectly honest, while this is beautiful, it's more so from a distance of six or more feet. Up close it's easily identifiable as a plastic tree. For me that is not an issue, but I want to set expectations. Plus mine adds so much to an otherwise dark spot in my living room that I am not going to quibble over inconsequential things (to me, anyway.)

Sterling Battery Operated LED Bonsai Tree

The battery powered Bonsai tree has 48 lights and is a perfect décor piece for any room in your house. The functional tree makes for a great center piece for all parties and special events. Kids will be attracted to it at night.. This year round lighting feature will turn any boring end table into a bright space. Read the review below:

Cutest thing!

I got this for my mother for Mother's Day and she LOVES it! I wasn't sure what to expect, so many times things just don't measure up to what they look like on-line. This does! We got it unpacked, arranged the branches, put in the batteries and turned it on. So simple and what a cute and pretty little decoration for wherever you want to put it. Nice that it doesn't have a cord to clutter things up as well. Very pleased, now I'm going to get one for myself!

Choose LED Bonsai Lights For Home Decor

This collection of fun led bonsai lights is filled with the most affordable lights that can spruce up a room. They are bound to offer very nice scenery at night for rooms, offices, or bars.

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