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Snooze well on a Buckwheat pillow

Updated on June 30, 2010

Asian people are quite partial to buckwheat pillows for several centuries now. It has taken the western culture up to recent years to catch on to the trend and appreciate the benefits of this pillow. There is a common misconception that buckwheat is a grain when it actuality it is a fruit and is part of the extended family of rhubarb. Buckwheat pillows are made of the hulls of this fruit. They are first roasted to get rid of the dust and are then stuffed into pillow slips.

As opposed to foam, buckwheat can be naturally replenished and is very environment friendly compared to petroleum byproducts that are used to make foam based pillows. These buckwheat pillows are known for the sturdy support they give to the back, head and neck, ensuring good and comfortable posture. In fact the hulls of buckwheat have such properties that they mold to the shape of your body. These hulls also allow for air to easily pass through them making it a comfortable pillow to rest your head on.

You will find every student of yoga with a buckwheat pillow. But with the trend catching on, you will find several mainstream hotels also offering their guests the option of a buckwheat pillow. This stands testimony to its increased demand.

Makers of buckwheat pillow now recognize the demand for such products and have expanded the offerings in this line. You know get buckwheat filled futons, which serve as body length pillows. You will also find neck braces, travel pillows, eye care patches and collar style pillows in buckwheat. Some people are even using this to support their back when they are traveling long distances or are driving. An element of aromatherapy has also been added to buckwheat with smells such as lavender and chamomile being added to the hulls as well.

There are a number of doctors who are now recommending that patients sleep on buckwheat pillows to counter migraines as well as insomnia. If your partner snores, then getting him to sleep on a buckwheat pillow could be your answer. Be careful of the pillows you buy though. Ensure that the hulls have been roasted and no blow dried since the residual dust can cause an allergic attack. These pillows are a good investment since they last up to eight years.


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