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Bug Zapper Electric Fly Swatter

Updated on May 4, 2018
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I love to write and to share my knowledge, and like to think that my reviews will help people trying to decide whether to buy or not to buy

I've Had a Bug Zapper for About 4 Years - it was one of the Best Buys I've Ever Made

In fact, to be accurate, I now have two of them, because I was so impressed that I wanted to use it all over the house - so I have one for the living room area, and one which I keep in my bedroom.

They were so cheap that I also bought one for each of my two children and their families, and some as presents for other friends and relations. They were a bit mystified about my enthusiasm until they tried their zapper out, and then they were as keen as me, and rushed round zapping insects furiously.

My Bug Zapper

I rate this Electric Bug Zapper:

5 stars for Electric Bug Zapper

I Don't Really Like Killing Living Things Unneccesarily -

I don't kill spiders or worms - but I must confess, I rather like hunting with the bug swatter tennis racket in my hand - it's such fun chasing flies and moths which are an absolute nuisance in the kitchen - flies because of their nasty germy habits (did you know that they regurgitate their meal on your food; and alight on unspeakable contaminated things, before landing on things you were going to eat?).

And I always justify killing moths because one moth can lay a thousand eggs in your food cupboards, or eat into your clothes and carpets. 3 years ago I suffered one or two little moths to live, and the result was that they multiplied exponentially and I then had a veritable invasion of moths which has taken me 3 years to virtually eradicate - that's why I'm now so keen on killing them before they reproduce.

This zapper is Very Effective:

It takes two AA batteries, and when you pick it up, you press a button on the handle and a red light shows to indicate that it is operative. Then you just swipe at the moth and a tiny electric charge goes "zzz-zzz" and the moth is gone-oes and drops to the floor. Flies are a bit harder - when you first zap them, it only stuns them, so they fly, but slowly, and you then zap them again to finish them off. The other thing about flies is that they are very fast, and I discovered that when threatened, they always fly upward, so the trick is to hold the racket above them, and swoop down on them, so that they literally fly into the racket. You have to be a bit careful with wasps - keep children well away - as they, too, don't always get killed by the first zap, but it slows them down, and you can then get them easily.

My Bug Zapper With Fly

A Happy Postscript:

Every time my neighbour comes to my house, she looks around for my zapper, her eyes light up as she grabs it, and she starts rushing around the open plan kitchen/living room, swiping madly at every moving thing. So this week, when I saw one for sale, I bought it for her as a present. She was delighted and I can just picture her now, rushing around her own house, zapping furiously, as it appeals to her hunting instinct.

Only a cheap little present, but it brought such satisfaction.

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Have you ever tried an electric zapper?

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Going Wasp-Hunting with a Zapper - you can see from his face what fun this chap thinks it is


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