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Build Your Own House? – What You Should Know

Updated on June 20, 2012

Several U.S. cities are reporting that new home construction is on the rise. If you’re in the market for a new home you may be tempted to consider a house in a new development community. Here in Texas, there's certainly no shortage of these convenient neighborhoods. But living right on top of your neighbor in a cookie-cutter home may not be desirable to you and your family.

Building your own newly constructed house provides the opportunity to build a custom home with uniquely distinctive features. You're also able to choose your ideal building lot. When building your own home, you may wish to consider becoming the general contractor and manage the entire project from start to finish yourself. You'll estimate costs and hire subcontractors to do some or all of the construction work. Functioning as the general contractor on a home building project can potentially save homeowners thousands of dollars. A well-planned checklist helps keep homeowners on track with loan information, building expenses, contractor hiring and other considerations.

Establish a Budget

It’s wise to contact banks and mortgage lenders to discuss loan options before doing anything else. Your individual credit score and income will determine your approval amounts and interest rates. Knowing these figures beforehand is crucial when establishing a budget. Consider ordering your credit report before even talking with lenders so you are already aware of the information it contains. This is also the time to repair any damaging information. The government allows every consumer to receive one free credit report per year.

Find an Acceptable Building Lot

Decide where you want to build your house. Drive throughout the area or neighborhood to be sure it's an ideal location. Consider things like traffic, shopping and other amenities in the area. Realtors are excellent resources. Consulting a real estate agent to inquire about building lots in the desired vicinity can save you a lot of time.

Decide on a Floor Plan

Think about what home features are necessary and desirable for your family’s lifestyle. Here’s where you can visit new home developments to get ideas. There are many home plan websites to consult when researching floor plan options. There are also home and landscape design software programs available to help you as well.

Locate and Hire Building Contractors

Find competent and reliable contractors through word of mouth, at local home improvement stores or by visiting active construction sites. Building contractors can also be found in the phone book or online. Interview all contractors thoroughly and check references meticulously. Prepare a contract to be signed by all parties. Free contract forms are available online.

Choose Building Materials

Decide on the building materials to be used. From foundations to roofs, the types of materials used greatly influences the total cost of building a house. Lifestyle should be taken into consideration when choosing things like countertops, flooring and fixtures. Browse building materials in home supply stores and model homes.

Calculate Building Costs

Estimate the cost of building the home accordingly. Use a spreadsheet, like Excel, to enter each expense listed above. The cost to build is essential for staying on budget.

Building a house isn’t for everyone, but it does have many advantages. It also isn’t as difficult as it may seem. Developing a checklist for the purpose of planning will keep consumers on track.


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    • lovesleftovers profile image

      lovesleftovers 5 years ago from Texas

      I value your opinion and the time you took to comment on my hub, Fromadistance, but I respectfully disagree. You can't build a house without a general contractor (the person who controls the entire process from start to finish). When factoring in the cost of hiring a general contractor, homeowners must realize this will cost thousands of dollars. The average homeowner is capable of hiring builders, choosing materials and overseeing the building process themselves.

    • Fromadistance profile image

      Fromadistance 5 years ago

      Don't build your own house.. it is a lot more money to build your own than to just get someone else to do it..