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Portable Folding Picnic Table With Bag

Updated on July 29, 2014
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Folding Picnic Table
Folding Picnic Table

Where to Buy

Amazon has over 50 folding picnic tables available, many for well under $100. Folding chairs and bench are also available.

Amazon’s unique structure where numerous retailers and manufacturers vie for the number one spot by providing the best folding picnic table at the lowest price assures you of a good deal. You also have the security and safety when buying through Amazon over other online retailers.

To the right is a general selection of affordable folding picnic tables. Each is light weight and easily portable. Most come in a sturdy carrying case for transportation. Below are wood and aluminum folding picnic tables. You can buy any of these tables today and have them delivered to your door in a few days. Be sure to take advantage of Amazon’s free shipping.

Some good manufacturers of folding picnic to consider are: Picnic Time, StanSport, Table in a Bag, Coleman, Rio Brands, and Storage Store. These companies produce high quality folding picnic tables that are durable, lasting for many years.

Packing your picnic table away after the season is easy with a folding picnic table. Setting up lunch on the road with the kids is easy. A folding picnic table makes life easier.

Kid’s Picnic Tables

Little Tykes makes a large number of very good portable picnic tables for kids. They are nearly indestructible, clean easily, and store easy. If the youngsters will be outside, be sure to get a table with an umbrella.

Little Tykes is a popular brand, but not the only game in town. Lifetime makes a superior folding picnic table for kids; so do SHOPZEUS and Sky Enterprises. INI makes a nice low priced folding table for kids.

Picnic Table Plans

You can make your own folding picnic table for a lot less. I have included plans to the lower left for the handyman.

Building your own folding table requires a good set of plans. Some of the plans available on Amazon are downloadable. You can have you plan in a few minutes and begin your folding picnic table project.

Folding Chairs

Extra folding chairs for the whole family make summer events better. Sitting on gravel, concrete or grass can be uncomfortable. Sitting in something undesirable can ruin a family outing.

Make sure you order folding chairs for your outdoor events. I included a small selection of folding chairs below the comments section, next to the RSS feed.

Order your folding picnic table from Amazon today. With Amazon’s free shipping and return policy you can’t lose.


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