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Buy a Countertop Dishwasher

Updated on September 21, 2014

Looking for a Dishwasher for Your Small Kitchen?

A countertop dishwasher is a great option for anyone with a small kitchen, apartment dwellers, for households that only have a couple people, or for those who need to wash dishes frequently but don't have a large enough quantity to fill a large dishwasher. They can even be used in an office kitchen if your workplace has one.

The first time I learned about dishwashers that were small enough to put on top of your counter I was practically ecstatic! You mean I don't always have to do dishes by hand?! And I can take it with me when I move to my next place. This was great news indeed.

If you are looking to buy one of these space saving appliances there are several great options. I'll present some of the Top Five choices here.

The Best Buy for a Countertop Diswasher

SPT Countertop Dishwasher, White
SPT Countertop Dishwasher, White

Amazon lists this as its Best Seller for countertop dishwashers.

It is economical with its efficient features and is Energy Star certified. Of course it is space fits in between most standard counter tops and cabinets. It also has 6 wash cycles to choose from, so you can pick the one you prefer most for getting your dishes clean, which can vary depending on things like how hard the water is in your area, dish detergents and more.

There is also a version available in Silver.

Man and Woman Doing Dishes
Man and Woman Doing Dishes | Source

Are you ready to stop Hand Washing Dishes?

I actually find doing dishes by hand can be soothing and meditative at times (not the usual response to hand washing dishes, I know).

However, sometimes it makes sense to make the best use of my time and have a machine do the washing for me. Then there are the times I am tired or even sick and it's so much easier to have a dishwasher. Or if you are entertaining and want to spend more time with your guest and don't want to face a sink full of dishes when your guests leave a dishwasher can be so useful then too. So a compact dishwasher in your little kitchen is one of those nice, modern blessings that I feel lucky to have.

Most countertop dishwashers:

  • Easily connects to your kitchen tap and do not require permanent installation.
  • Have several different wash cycles, so if your dishes just need a light cycle or something more heavy for dirtier dishes with dried, caked on food then you are likely to find the option you need.
  • Fit easily on the counter top and underneath most kitchen cabinets.
  • Uses the same detergent that ordinary dishwashers do.
  • Because they are smaller than average most of them save energy and water than their larger counterparts do.

More Great Countertop Dishwashers

These are the best countertop dishwashers to buy based on Amazon's list of what is selling and reviews. All of these hold approximately six place settings (in the past these types of compact dishwashers used to hold less, around four place settings or less).

From what I understand the Koldfront and Edgestar models are by the same company and are similar in many ways too, such as size and energy savings. The Edgestar model though has a digital display, has a delayed start feature, and has a child lock function.

Note: If one of these products says, "Not available" you may have to wait a few days before they become available again. Because of their size and price the sellers tend to only have a few in stock at a time.

Should You Buy a Countertop Dishwasher?

Things You Should Consider


Most countertop dishwashers seem to generally cost around $200 to $300. So you need to decide if it's worth spending that amount of money on one. I know for some of you this is a definite yes. For others though, this is money that could be better spent elsewhere.

Space and Location:

Do you have space for the dishwasher on your counter top? Also consider the location. For ease of use you will want to keep it near your sink or at least near enough that the hose will reach your sink (otherwise you'd have to move it every time you want to use it...they may be small and somewhat portable, but moving them each time would be awkward and counter productive). Measure your countertop, the width and depth and the space between it and the cabinetry. Then look at the measurements of the model you want. Do you have space for one? Do you have space for any of the models you want to buy?

Edgestar Countertop Dishwasher Video Review

This video review by classical pianist Cassandra Wang in her small New York apartment is for the EdgeStar Countertop Portable Dishwasher, but can give you a general idea of how most countertop dishwashers work as well.

Purchase a Countertop Dishwasher on eBay

Another option for buying a countertop dishwasher is off of eBay. This allows you to get both new and used ones, as well models that may not be currently available on Amazon. Or you might even be able to find the same model as on Amazon, but at a better price. You never know what bargains are to be had off of eBay at any given time. So if you see a countertop dishwasher on there that you want to buy, act quick, because the offer might not be available later.

Do You Have Questions

What can I do to make this page more useful? What questions do you have about buying a countertop dishwasher? What kind of information are you looking for that I have not included?

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