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Buy Home Carpet Shampooer For Home Use

Updated on February 18, 2013

Avoid Problems When Buying a Shampoo

I bought my first carpet shampooer for my home when I was very young and did not know what I was doing. I though ooh that will clean the carpets to my new home.

To be fair we was moving into a home that needed super cleaning after the last owners moved out so I knew I needed something, but I did not realize that I could have made it a lot easier on my self by doing a little research, such as I got one with no hand wand and the carpet cleaner had just a small tank for water even though the machine itself was huge.

Below I listed a few things to look for and to check before you buy a home carpet shampooer for home use.

Things To Look For When Buying A Carpet Shampooer

  1. What Size Is The Water Tank?

    The smaller the tank the more you will have to stop the cleaning process. If you are just planning to use the carpet shampooer for small areas or if you do not have a lot of carpet a small carpet cleaner with a small tank could work for you.

  2. Is the Machine To Big For You?

    Some of the more professional carpet shampooers can be heavy especially when the tank is full of water. Shampooing carpet is somewhat physical and if you can not move the machine in an effective manner then the cleaner will not work as well.

  3. Does It Have All The Tools You Need?

    If your looking to clean more then just the carpet, such as the furniture or corners of the floor you will need a carpet cleaner that has attachments and a hose.

  4. Where You Going To Keep The Carpet Shampooer?

    Look at the size of the machine and where your options of storage when not in use before buying. Storage can be a big issue. If you live in a small home or apartment storage could be a big issue, especially if you want to keep it in an area you can easily get to it.

  5. Is the Cord and Hose Long Enough?

    Make sure the cord and hose length meets your needs. Capet shampooers with extra long cords may be needed if shampooing stairs and long hall ways.

  6. What Type Of Cleaning Agents Does It Use?

    The type of cleaner that can be used in the carpet shampooer can really increase the upkeep expense. Look for a machine that can use cleaner agents that are at a affordable price.

Best Rated Spot Carpet Shampooer For Home Use

Sometimes the best machine for your needs is not the most expensive or the biggest. If all you are looking for is a machine to clean the carpet when there is a mess on the floor.

It would take a long time to clean a large floor with a hand held spot carpet shampooer but it is perfect for cleaning up messes for kids and pets. In fact it takes no time at all to get a spot cleaner up and working to get the job done. Many homes have both pets and small kids have both.

A hand held spot carpet shampooer is also great if you thinking you will either rent the best machine when doing large carpet areas so you know you will have a cleaner with a big tank and high power. Then you will have a spot cleaner for smaller messes.

Tips and Tricks To Clean Carpets and Keep them Clean

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