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Buy a Magnetic Knife Rack Online

Updated on September 26, 2011
Magnetic Knife Rack
Magnetic Knife Rack

Why a Magnetic Knife Rack is one of the Best Ways to Store your Knives?

Are you tired of rummaging in your drawers and never finding that specialized knife you are searching? Do you need more space on your kitchen counter top? Are you concerned that your knives will become dull because of the constant contact they face in your drawers? Or worried maybe about your little children cutting themselves with your knives? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, it is probably because you are not using a magnetic knife rack to store your kitchen knives yet. They are a safe, convenient and cheap way for keeping your knives organized in your kitchen.

The principal advantage of using a magnetic knife rack is that your knives will be always at sight, within the reach of your hands, so you won't be wasting your time looking for a knife that could be in the sink. Besides, because you can hang them horizontally or vertically on the wall or on a wood cabinetry, it is a great way to save space, especially if you have a small kitchen.

I've listed below the most popular magnetic knife racks at Amazon, one of the most trusted retail stores online and one with good prices too. So check the links below to find the magnetic knife rack you are looking for.

Miu France Stainless Steel Magnetic Knife Rack - 15 and 20 inches Long

The stainless steel magnetic knife rack by Miu France is the best-selling knife holder in Amazon nowadays. It is compact, showing a classic design made of brushed stainless steel with an s pattern incised in the rack that blends well with a modern kitchen. The Miu comes in two sizes: 15 and 20 inches long. The magnet is strong enough to safely hold your knives, but without to be too strong to turn retrieving the knives into an impossible chore. It cleans easily and the mounting hardware is included. Besides, Miu guarantees it for life.

Norpro Magnetic Knife Racks 12 and 18 inches Long

Another popular magnetic knife rack. The first magnetic holder commercialized by Norpro is made of hardwood and measures 12 inches long, but following the link you have the option of choosing the same in 18 and 24 inches long, if you are searching for something larger. The second one is made of Aluminum and measures 18 inches long. Both magnetic strips are strong and look well on your kitchen. As usual the mounting hardware is included, but some people complain about the quality of the screws that come with them, nevertheless you can use your own screws without problem, if you feel that they are not up to the task.

Better Houseware Bamboo Magnetic Knife Rack - 13.5 inches Long

This magnetic knife rack by Better Houseware is made of bamboo and features strong magnetic strips hidden into the bamboo. The knife holder measures 13.5" x 2.2" x 0.75" and the mounting hardware is included.

Wusthof Margnetic Knife Holder - 14 and 19.5 inches long

If you are looking for a high quality magnetic knife rack, then surely you have heard of Wusthof, famous for the quality of its kitchen knives, and of course they made magnetic knife holders too. The two models that I choose to highlight are the 14 inches made of brushed Aluminum and the 19.5 magnetic rack made of synthetic material. Both of them include the hanging hardware and come with a limited lifetime warranty.


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