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Tassimo Coffee Maker

Updated on November 26, 2012

Do You Love Coffee? Cappuccino or Espresso? Then You Should Want a Tassimo

I LOVE MY TASSIMO!! There, that's out of the way. I don't want you coming in here all confused about how I feel about it. Hopefully I can also explain to you why you need to buy a Tassimo Coffee Machine for yourself.

It's strange being this attached to an appliance, but as the only coffee drinker in the house (most of the time) it has made my life easier and much more comfortable all while saving me time. With everything else going on ease, comfort and time are very important to me, as I am sure they are important to everyone.

So read on and find out what is so great about owning your own Tassimo!

Three Great Things about Tassimo

  • Ease of Use - It's fast to make beverages and fast to clean up after wards
  • Comfort - Knowing I can make a refreshing cappuccino in minutes helps relax me during a long day
  • Time - Fresh steaming coffee in just a couple of minutes at just the right temperature, every time!

There are other points that people like about there Tassimo (or possibly dislike), tell me your thoughts in the comment section if you own a Tassimo already.

The Ease of Tassimo

One of the most appealing aspects I have found with the Tassimo is the ease of use. I have owned several other single or small quantity coffee makers and the issues that always plagued me was the time it took to make the coffee, and then to clean up afterward.

Getting out the coffee or the beans (grinding time if using beans), the measuring of the coffee, the pouring of water, and then the actual waiting time as it brewed. By the time you were done it was ten minutes later (or longer). If you were using the single cup version and wanted to repeat the process it now took even longer as you had to clean the filter and repeat the whole process.

Being the only coffee drinker in the house it seldom made sense for me to use the regular size coffee maker when I would typically only drink two or three coffee in the morning. On the other hand it took the same amount of time to make 10 cups as it did four. Then if I made ten cups, I couldn't let it go to waste!

When my wife bought a Tassimo as a birthday gift for me I had gone to heaven. It was easy, it was quick and it tasted simply fabulous.

How the Tassimo Makes Such Great Coffee Each and Every Time

There is a new version of the Tassimo that has been released and they have changed manufacturers, but the concept is the same. The machines have a large reservoir for water at the back and the front of the unit opens up where a pre-measured coffee pod is placed.

These pods are called T-Discs and are available to make coffee in several different flavors of both regular coffees and decaffeinated versions, espresso, lattes, cappuccinos, black, green, chai and breakfast teas, and even hot chocolate. The secret is the T-Discs each have bar codes which the Tassimo Coffee Machine reads and then sets the water temperature, amount of liquid used and even whether to froth the liquid in the case of lattes and cappuccinos.

I've also owned an espresso/cappuccino machine in my time, and although the finished product was always incredible, the time to prepare and then clean up outweighed the brief moments of coffee happiness. Now with my Tassimo, the whole process takes just over two minutes, and cleanup involves throwing out the discs. Although sometimes the milk in the cappuccino spills when removing the disc, but that is a very quick wipe-up and a rinse and you are good to go.

If you are making coffee it's even less time due to the simpler process. The important part is each beverage you make is always identical and the cappuccinos are as good as any Starbucks if not better, and for considerably less cost!

If for some reason you find any beverage you create in the Tassimo to strong you also have the option to add more water, but in my experience it really isn't necessary. Although in all honesty, I do water the hot chocolate down for my young children as they seem to prefer quantity to quality, but I am sure that will change over time.

Watch the New Bosch Tassimo in Action

This is the newly revamped Bosch version. I have the Braun, but all the reviews show this one improves styling, speed and convenience. If you have to have the Cadillac, this is the one!

The Ultimate Coffee Machine

Here it is, the latest version of the Tassimo, now manufactured by Bosch. The big difference for previous owners of the Braun version include a new slimmer look, quieter and faster operation, improved water storage system and a convenient on/off switch on the front.

They also make great gifts as we have given several away and they have received rave reviews from some very happy people we have sent them to!

Do You Own a Tassimo?

I would be very interested to hear if you have a Tassimo, are considering one, or possibly have another type of beverage maker. If you have a different type, I would be very interested to hear your comments in my comment section.

Are You an Owner of a Tassimo, or Hope to Be?

See results

Save Money and Buy Your Tassimo From eBay

There are currently some incredible deals on the earlier model of the Tassimo when it was built by Braun. I have seen some sold for as little as $50 which saved someone over $100 off the normal price. If you want one, but found them to expensive to justify, you have to check out eBay!

Handy Accessories For Tassimo Owners

Running out of cupboard space? Perhaps you dropped the piercing unit down the sink while cleaning it? Or the dog found a new chew toy? Don't despair, find solutions here.

Tell me your Tassimo experience, or when you are hoping to buy one? They make great gifts for coffee lovers and you can have one at home and the office!


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