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Buy Wusthof Poultry Shears Online

Updated on April 5, 2012
Wusthof Poultry Shears
Wusthof Poultry Shears

Wüsthof Poultry Shears

Are you looking for high quality poultry shears? Then surely you have heard of Wusthof poultry shears. Wusthof is one of the leading brands on the cutlery market on the world, and of course, they also produce a good selection of poultry shears.

The Wusthof poultry shears are solid, and feel heavy and well balanced in your hand. They are made of high carbon no-stain steel in Solingen, Germany, and are designed to deliver maximum leverage while cutting. They are suited to a wide variety of heavy-duty kitchen tasks and are extremely useful to have around, especially if you are planning to cut up a lot of whole poultry, like chicken, turkey or ducks. However, be aware that these shears are an specialized tool. If you only plan on cutting poultry occasionally. a good pair of kitchen shears are cheaper and can cut the occasionally poultry without problems.

Wusthof Poultry Shears Model 5501

These ones are maybe the most popular poultry shears by Wusthof. It is a model with serrated curve blades designed to cut easily through meat and bones. They feature a blade notch for cracking bones and a spring bolt hinge. Besides, they have sturdy handles to provide a steady grip that lock closed for convenient storage. The shears measure 10in. long.

Wüsthof Poultry Shears Model 5508

These Poultry Shears are designed with a curve handle to maximize leverage while cutting. However, they are perhaps not the best choice for people with small hands. the 5508 features a strong stainless steel spring and a safety lock for easy storage. The shears measure 10in. in length.

Stainless Poultry Shears by Wusthof - Model 5505

A traditional design for these forged 10in. no-stain steel poultry shears. They are perfectly shaped for portioning any kind of poultry and feature a safety catch to store them safely.

Wüsthof Poultry Shears Model 5512

Another solid poultry shears by Wusthof. These shears are special because they come apart for easy cleaning. This is good, because even if they are dishwasher safe, hand-washing is recommended as it is usual with this quality of kitchen tools.The handles are easy-to-grip at first, however because they are made of stainless steel and are smooth, these handles could be not the best with greasy hands something that it is almost inevitable when cutting chicken. Overall the shears measure 9ΒΌ inches long and are made of stainless steel.


Choose poultry shears of quality materials and craftsmanship as Wusthof are, in the long run is not only cheaper, but also you will find them less frustrating for your everyday kitchen tasks.

Cutting Poultry with Wüsthof Shears


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