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A Systematic Approach to Buying and Selling a Home

Updated on April 16, 2015

When you are planning to buy a home, decide on your requirement, before you scout around with agents, on the internet or looking for sale signs. Research the neighborhood for facilities that it has on offer, and whether it is suitable for you and your family. If the neighborhood is one that you have liked, pay a visit to it at different times of the day, to give you a better feel of what it can be to live there. Find out prices and details on latest sales.

Once you have decided on a home, and find the price within your range, have it inspected by professionals who are certified. Be present at the inspection and make you own individual visual assessment of the property and its surroundings. Once the inspection is over, submit the report to the seller of the property and discuss whether any remedies are possible for the problems that have been noticed during the inspection. Alternatively you can use the report to negotiate on the price, as the inspector will also have given you a fair idea of what it may involve if things have to be rectified. This is always the better thing to do, as then any repairs or changes are under your direct control and you would be surer about the work done.

It can always be of enormous help if you can make a proper assessment of your financial situation before you start hunting for a home, as this will allow you to make a proper judgment about what you can afford. It can even be a great advantage if you can get a home loan approved before you start looking for a home, as this will be an attraction for sellers who know they are dealing with a serious buyer. If you are planning a mortgage decide on the type you want, adjustable or fixed interest, so that you are sure of your future commitments. It can always be of enormous help if you limit your mortgage payments to 35 percent of your known income, while it can also be of help in negotiating interest rates, if you are able to lay down at least ten to fifteen percent of a home price as a deposit.


When you want to sell a home, you must be careful to see that it is in good condition and has all systems in it fully functional. See that your home is neat and tidy and free of clutter before the buyers come in for viewing it. Arrange to advertise your home by putting up signs, ads over the internet or other means of publicizing it. Make sure the price you fix is what the present rates in your area are. Be prepared to negotiate and look for buyers who have their finances in place.

Both buyers and sellers need to have proper solicitors by their side to ensure that all transactions are completed legally, and proper contracts are made and all documentation is as needed.


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