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Jobs You Can Do As an Interior Designer

Updated on August 10, 2016
A residential interior design model
A residential interior design model | Source
Interior Design
Interior Design

Armed with a powerful portfolio and your qualifications, you should be ready to impress your potential employers or some private clients with your professionalism.

You have just gone through a solid and sound foundation course and have learnt valuable skills and capabilities that you can take to any worthy workplace. Your prospects should be high, but it all depends on how you approach the issue.

Interior design is a profession that has many branches and tentacles. Deciding on a niche to choose is really not that difficult. Just think about it. Think of the hundreds of things that come to play in interior design and décor.

If you start from the simple things like drapery or other soft furnishings, for example, you can decide to specialise in custom window treatment production or simple upholstery tasks, and execute such for your private clients.

If you don’t want to sit in an office just creating designs using software, and prefer to be out there where it’s "all happening", here are some career and job opportunities available in the interior design industry which you can think about and possibly pursue.

Job Opportunities for Interior Designers


As a freelance interior designer, you are self employed. The services you provide will involve a lot of consultancy or supervisory services.

You have the opportunity to work directly with mainly private individuals or very small private companies that will appreciate your professionalism.

Real Estate Industry

Career opportunities in the real estate industry includes working for professional builders, property developers, kitchens manufacturers and retailers, architects, civil engineers, custom furniture manufactures, flooring manufacturers, interior design firms, etc…

Home Improvement Departments

You can also Work as a designer for large retail stores home improvement departments, home improvement stores, manufacturers of home elements such as bathrooms, wardrobes, fitted furniture, and the like.

You will have the duty to interact with their clients to help them with space planning projects, partial or complete makeovers, renovations, and other related matter.

Building Industry's Associated Firms

There are great job opportunities with some of the top architectural practices and interior design firms of repute, and you will have the chance to work alongside their senior personnel as an interior designer.

Purchasing Services

Interior designers can advice clients on décor choices or do purchasing services on their behalf, specialising in furniture and furnishings for interior décor items.

Project Management or Supervisory Services

You can act as a supervisor for custom design tasks or better still, as a project manager, managing a project that’s fairly sizeable.

Career Prospects in Interior Design Niches

You have the option of specialising in any niche in the interior design industry. Niches are extensive and most of them are areas you'll probably enjoy working in. They include:

  • Interior lighting design
  • Television shows
  • Journalism (writing for design magazines and publications)
  • Painting (effects & techniques)
  • CAD software specialists using AutoCAD, Autodesk, etc...
  • 3D modelling
  • Home improvement materials distributor
  • Interior design lecturing (university, college, or high school)
  • Commercial Interior Design
  • Exhibition Design
  • Studio Design
  • Institutional Interior Design
  • Residential Interior Designer
  • Kitchen and Bath Design
  • Facility Management
  • Landscape and garden design
  • Hospitality Design (for restaurants, hotels, clubs, motels, resorts, bars)

It is evident that the job of an interior designer goes far beyond being a decorator as there are many areas you can fit into when charting your career path towards this field.

The options as you can see from the few listed above are almost limitless.

Interior design also offers great opportunities for anyone that wishes to be self employed, or one that can only work part time. It is one of the few professions where you can start your business from home with barely any investment.

Professional Association You Can Join

It’s good to know that after completion of your interior design education, you can plan towards the NCIDQ Examination for Interior Designers.


See results

Asides completing a formal program of study, you must go through a period of supervised work experience in the interior design industry before being eligible to take the examination.

The NCIDQ (National Council for Interior Design Qualification) is the highly coveted credential of choice for interior designers. The examination comprises 3 sections:

  • Interior Design Fundamentals Exam (IDFX)
  • Interior Design Professional Exam (IDPX)
  • Interior Design Practicum (PRAC)

The Great News

It is claimed that employment opportunities for interior designers will increase by 19 percent between now and 2020.

Designers will be in higher demand and will be required to respond to consumer expectations of today and the future.

Residential and commercial interiors must meet certain conditions, such as being more functional, downsized, environmentally friendly, and more efficient. This only implies that the interior design industry will continue to flourish.

© 2009 viryabo

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    • profile image

      sreeiit 7 years ago

      Very good piece of writing.

    • viryabo profile image

      viryabo 6 years ago

      Thanks Sreeiit.


    • Dolores Monet profile image

      Dolores Monet 4 years ago from East Coast, United States

      Being an interior designer sounds like a great career for a creative person. One designer I know has been hit by the economy as well as by changes in style preferences. Another is doing quite well, helping people downsize.

    • viryabo profile image

      viryabo 4 years ago

      Your friend that's helping people downsize is certainly thinking out of the box. He/She is wise.

      Clients don't have as much to splash around as they use to, so they like when their designer helps them save money whilst still giving a great service.

      Its an interesting career that i enjoy tremendously, as it's like a hobby/career.

      Thanks for the visit Dolores.

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