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carpet cleaners - carpet cleaning reviews online - Cleaning carpets advice online

Updated on June 15, 2011

Carpet cleaners - Best carpet cleaners

Carpet cleaners and the best carpet cleaners review:

There are thousands of carpet cleaners promising to give you a clean carpet in minutes. When it comes to carpet cleaners I have had them all from foam less water cleaners to just foam cleaners that only need one capful of water and never work the way they promise when shown on TV. Most companies promise great results within minutes, But never deliver. I am not promoting a make or a brand of carpet cleaners I am just giving a review on the best types of carpet cleaners available on today's market with money in mind. Most companies carpet cleaners look great on TV and they bring the carpet up to a super brand new looking carpet on TV.

Carpet cleaner reviews


What carpet cleaning solution to use in your cleaner.

What carpet cleaning solution to use in your cleaner ?

When deciding what carpet cleaner solution to put in your machine you. The top brands are a good place to start because they must be doing something right if they have been around for so long.

The main carpet cleaning brands are:

  • VAX AAA is a great carpet cleaner and comes at a very resonable price. It also comes in diffrent strenths and for diffrent areas of the home. Furniture, Pets, floor etc
  • 1001Carpet care is a very long running carpet cleaning solution, But comes in one strenth for all.
  • Enforcer 2000 is up there with the best due to its extra foaming and dog range
  • Hoover deep cleaner is a great carpet cleaner solution, with good value for money.
  • Bissell also do a good carpet cleaner solution with great results.

Make your own carpet cleaning solution - Make your own carpet cleaner from home

How to make your own carpet cleaning solution ?

Making carpet cleaning solution is a very easy here is how you make carpet cleaning solution from home.

  1. Pour some warm water in a jug about 1pint
  2. Add one table spoon of white vinegar
  3. Add soap powder about 2 heaped table spoons
  4. A squeeze of washing up liquid and mix

You will have a cleaning solution as good as any leading brand. It will remove stains and bring your carpets up to a brilliant clean shine you can use it on furniture and any other fabric around the house IE Door mats, Dog beds, carpets, Stair carpets and will smell brilliant.

Best carpet cleaners around today can be found on Amazon

What are the best carpet cleaner - Best carpet cleaners review

What are the best carpet cleaner ?

The best carpet cleaners around:

Vax is a very well known carpet cleaner and have proven they are the best around today.

Dyson is another leding brand of carpet cleaners and can convert into a normal hoover.

Bissell is a very well known carpet cleaning maker and have many steam cleaners.

Steam cleaners are a very good choice to get  very stubborn stains from furniture and all floors even hard wood, plastic, laminated and more


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