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Home Rainwater Collection

Updated on June 11, 2017

Considering a Rain Barrell?

Home rainwater collection systems are a smart investment. Rain barrells not only save on water bills but can also be very eco-friendly for green living. Rain barrells can also be lifesaver as disaster emergency preparedness supplies and promote sustainable living.

While the earlier versions of a rain barrell were not particularly attractive, the rain barrell model shown here is beautiful!

There are several models of home rainwater collection systems available in various sizes and prices reviewed here including wood grain rain barrells, plastic, portable, urns. You can even find rain barrells cheap as well as diy rain barrell kits.

The rain barrell pictured here is an urn style by Algreen Cascada that holds 50 gallons of water which can supplement your current water supply.

EDIT: I've now owned these rain barrells over 5 years and they are quite durable, still in great condition. My only issue was with the hoses, especially those placed in full sun. After a few years the hoses deteriorated from exposure to direct sun, while those in shade are still functional. So if you want to place your rain barrel where it gets full sun, either expect to replace hoses now and then or else find a Plan B replacement that won't rot.

* photo by CrossCreations

rain barrell
rain barrell

VERY Attractive Rain Barrell

Neighbors might think your rain barrel is a large planter pot or urn, and it IS!

This rain barrell is so gorgeous, I've even had people knock at my door to ask where in the world I found it! The aesthetic elegance of ceramics is timeless and very attractive. The terra cotta color matches nicely with most home designs.

There's a shallow bowl in the top large enough to grow a small plant or flowers in, and it does look like a large planter pot or urn. However I just fill mine with moss and silk greenery mixed with fake flowers. The reason for that is this...

There are no drainage holes and even if you drilled some, then you'd have to be concerned about soil getting into the rain barrel water. If you watched it carefully to make sure the moisture stayed consistent you certainly could grow a plant from the top of the barrell, but I have not tried that . Instead I filled mine with strands of fake greenery, in this one there are strands of what was originally a garland. I just cut strips about two feet long each.

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Installing Your Rain Barrel - How to install a rain barrel on existing downspouts...

You'll need to pick up a diverter for your down spout to set up this rain barrell. Usually the flexible plastic type works best.

Cascada Rain Barrell: Durability

This rain barrell is made of durable modern plastic, yet looks like ceramic.

This 65-gallon rain collection system is made from very tough, roto molded plastic. It is light weight, yet will withstand extreme temperatures and will not chip, fade, or crack over time.

Possible Additional Needs:

1) Longer Drain Hose: You might want to replace the drain hose with a longer one. If you only use it to fill a watering can then it is fine, but if you intend to water the garden straight from the rain barrel, then a longer hose is probably wise.

2) Diverter for Down Spout: While you can just cut the down spout an inch or so above where you want the water to flow, as shown in the video - this will leave a space where debris and dirt can get into your rain barrel. *see below

3) Overflow Hose You'll need to eventually install an overflow hose. The system comes with an upper outlet for that, but the hose itself is not included. You do not want to take the chance that the system could overflow right next to the foundation of your home.

Downspout Diverter for Rainbarrel - An optional but important accessory for home rainwater collection systems.

While the Algreen rain barrel water harvesting system is attractive, durable & functional - it is not necessarily complete.

What happens when the rainbarrel is full? Unless emptied it could overflow and cause problems, especially if a lot of water collects near the foundation of your home.

You might also want the option to shut it off during winter months, depending on where you live. It is not recommended to allow water to freeze inside the barrel. When water freezes, it expands so this could damage the barrel. This diverter is the best solution.

For this need, search Amazon for the "Rainreserve Rain Barrel Rain Diverter Kit" which gets installed on the downspout.

Why Buy a Rain Barrell at Amazon?

Reliable + FREE Shipping = A GREAT Deal!

Amazon is reliable and offers NO TAX and FREE SHIPPING!

The exact same model sells for much more elsewhere, yet if you buy one at amazon, then the shipping is FREE! I got mine for $176 at amazon and if you click around there it is still available for that price, a great deal!

Shipping fees will raise the price around $20 each if purchased elsewhere, and that combined with tax will mean paying a lot more for the same exact product.

Algreen Rain Barrels - These Algreen Cascada rain barrels are attractive and durable

Algreen Products Cascata Rain Barrel 65-Gallon, Terra Cotta
Algreen Products Cascata Rain Barrel 65-Gallon, Terra Cotta

This Cascada Algreen rain barrel comes with:

* a 6-foot garden hose with shutoff nozzle

* corrosion-proof screen guard, brass spigot

* crown planter on top.

The system measures 24 X 46 inches and is double-walled for extreme strength. The hose has an attached hook to hang neatly.

This model holds 65 gallons of rainwater.


The Smaller Cascada Algreen Rainbarrell - Smaller Size, Same Incredible Rain Collection System

Algreen Products Agua Rain Barrel 50-Gallon, Terra Cotta
Algreen Products Agua Rain Barrel 50-Gallon, Terra Cotta

This model is the same in beauty and function, but a smaller size and price.

The smaller Cascada Algreen rainbarrell model holds 50 gallons of rainwater and is the same terra cotta color but a slightly different shape.


Winterizing Your Rain Barrels

If you live in a climate with frigid temps in the wintertime, make sure your rain barrel stays empty.

Most models of rain barrels will crack and so they need to be emptied and taken inside for the winter, and stored upside down.

However, the unique design of Algreen rain barrels allows them to withstand a cold Canadian winter outdoors. All models of Algreen's rain barrels can be left outside hooked up to the downspout even in frigid winter. However...

Make sure the shut-off at the end of the hose (connected to the bottom of the rain barrel) is left in the open position. This will allow water to drain through, and the rain barrel is not allowed to fill.

Frozen water expands and can warp the rain barrel. So as long as the water drains through the barrel, the Algreen rain barrels can sustain cold temperatures - even as low as -30 degrees Fahrenheit.

Comments about these Rain Barrells - Please let me know you stopped by and learned a bit about these water barrells. Thanks.

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    • CrossCreations profile image

      Carolan Ross 4 years ago from St. Louis, MO

      @SusannaDuffy: Glad to hear that, Susanna. People tend to take things like water for granted and assume it will always be readily available. I consider these rain barrels an important step toward living green and off grid, even if so far I mostly just use the water for gardening purposes.

    • SusannaDuffy profile image

      Susanna Duffy 4 years ago from Melbourne Australia

      I have a huge rainwater tank (I live in a very dry country) and also have an old olive oil tun to catch rainwater from the garden shed roof. I don't know how anyone can live without them

    • Ilonagarden profile image

      Ilona E 5 years ago from Ohio

      This is exactly the rain barrel I have! I love it and wouldn't mind a second one.

    • estellaeffects lm profile image

      estellaeffects lm 5 years ago

      Inever knew about these. Wow I wonder if it is used in my country.

    • JackieLee LM profile image

      JackieLee LM 5 years ago

      These are gorgeous rain barrels. I've been wanting to get a couple ~ my mom has 5 or 6 around her house and out buildings, and she never pays for water anymore... we're on a well so we don't pay for water, but the rain water seems to make things grow better ~ and these are so pretty!! :)

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Thanks, I really enjoyed this post. I haven't thought about using a rainbarrel before.

    • profile image

      Joan4 5 years ago

      Beautiful rain barrel - much prettier than the ones from years ago! :) This would look beautiful in any yard anywhere.