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Cast Iron Trivets

Updated on October 28, 2014

Cast Iron Trivets

Cast iron trivets are an attractive and low cost way to add charm to your kitchen. With protective footings, they can help you safely bring your hot skillets and bake-ware from your stove or oven to your table for easy serving of your fabulous meals, right at the table. They can also be used on your stove or fireplace to showcase your tea-kettle. Or hang one or a few cast iron trivets on your walls as vintage decor.

Trivet derives from words meaning "three-footed" and most iron trivets do have 3 short feet that hold up an iron platform on which your cookware will rest. In this hub I have chosen a few decorative iron trivets that you may enjoy in your home or consider giving as gifts.

We have 2 cute iron trivets with complementary designs that were given to us as a gift set. See photo.

Owl Themed Metal Trivets

Here are a few really cute and colorful iron owl trivets

Blue Owl Iron Trivet

The Crabby Nook Blue Owl Iron Trivet Aqua Marine Teal Blue Kitchenware
The Crabby Nook Blue Owl Iron Trivet Aqua Marine Teal Blue Kitchenware

This Blue Owl trivet measuring 5.38" Length x 4.13" Width x 0.63" Height

is a perfect accessory to decorate your kitchen


Set of 2 Red Metal Owl Mini Trivets

VIP Mini Red Owl Trivets - Set of 2
VIP Mini Red Owl Trivets - Set of 2

Let your owl trivet be a spoon holder for the stove or a pot holder for the table

* Each measures approximately 4" x 3" x .05" deep


Vintage Cast Iron Trivets

Here are some vintage iron trivets available today on eBay.

I Love My Cast Iron Trivet!

Do You Love Your Cast Iron Trivets?

See results

Antique Cast Iron Trivets

Here is an antique iron trivet available today on eBay.

More Cast Iron Animal Trivets

I've found you a few cool animal themed trivets

Cast Iron Fish as Wall Art or Trivet

Fish Trivet/Wall Art
Fish Trivet/Wall Art

This cast iron fish trivet measures 7.75"W x .68"H x 6"D.


Rooster Cast Iron Trivet

Heavy Cast Iron Rooster Shaped Country Kitchen Trivet Hot Plate with Legs
Heavy Cast Iron Rooster Shaped Country Kitchen Trivet Hot Plate with Legs

This beautifully detailed cast iron trivet, in the shape of a rooster, is made of strong, heavy cast iron, with a bronzed finish.

* trivet legs are rubber covered to protect all surfaces it rests on.

* Approximate Dimensions: 8" w x 8" l.


Sunburst Cast Iron Trivet in choice of Green, Blue, Blue Black and Black

This sunburst pattern is like a star surrounded by hearts.

The ACHLA Designs part of Minuteman International caters to the home and garden industry, emphasizing unique, hand-forged, wrought iron and European furnishings for your home and garden. Protect the top of your stove freestanding fireplace or tabletop with this cast iron trivet in the sunburst pattern. Trivets are also great under hot pans or as dishes under potted plants.

  • Protect wood stoves from scratches
  • Porcelain enamel on Cast Iron is made to last
  • Dimensions: 7 inch diameter x .5 inch thick

Sunburst Cast Iron Trivet in Green

Thank You for Checking out These Pretty Trivets

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