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Chalkboards for the Kitchen

Updated on January 8, 2015

Kitchen Chalkboards for Notes, Shopping Lists, Planning Menus

Chalkboards for the kitchen are a great way to leave your family notes, jot down your shopping list, or plan your next menu.

Whether you opt for a good old-fashioned chalkboard that's framed in wood, chalkboard Contact paper, or chalkboard paint applied to the cabinets, a chalkboard is a great way to add a touch of nostalgia to your kitchen's decor.

Photo of Tin Framed Hanging Chalkboard Blackboard courtesy of Amazon. Click the link to see this and many more chalkboards for your kitchen.

Make Dinner Time Family Time

All great change in America

begins at the dinner table.

~ Ronald Reagan

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Chalkboards for the Kitchen

Easel Style Chalkboards - Great for the Countertop or Table

Make meal time more fun by announcing what you'll be having on a tabletop easel. Let kids write the menu to get them excited about the food.

Chalkboard Paint -- Make Your Own Chalkboard

Chalkboard Paint

Paint Cabinets, Walls, or Objects with Chalkboard Paint

Chalkboard paint has come a long way. You can brush or spray this durable paint onto just about any surface to make your chalkboard. Think of ways to include kids or other family members in planning meals and paint a small board with chalkboard paint to let them hang out with you in the kitchen!


Too many people just eat to consume calories.

Try dining for a change.

~ John Walters

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Chalk and Erasers for Your Chalkboard

Chalk and Erasers for Your Kitchen Chalkboard - Chalkboards Are Fun to Write On

Use conventional chalk or liquid chalk markers to write on your chalkboard. Keep the chalkboard clean and looking good with erasers and spray cleaner made just for chalkboards.

Chalkboard Labels | Chalkboard Contact Paper | Peel and Stick Chalkboards - Chalkboard Home Decor

Okay. These chalkboard labels are so cool! You can use them to put a tiny little chalkboard just about anywhere like on bottles, jars, boxes, canisters, garden stakes, and so many more spots where a big chalkboard just wouldn't fit.

Or grab a large chalkboard peel for the wall. And aren't the garden stakes great!? Just write the plant name, and if weeds take over, erase and write "Weeds."

Do You Use a Chalkboard in Your Kitchen?

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